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Gov. Aregbesola swears in Osun Npower Focal Person Idiat Babalola commissioner , Federal Matters

Npower Focal Person for Osun State Idiat Babalola has been sworn in as Commissioner for Federal Matters by the state governor Mr Rauf Aregbesola Wednesday, May 31, 2017.

Details later

Can I reapply for N-Power on June 13 if there's no second batch list?

Last year, we're told that millions of Nigerian applied on, but 200,000 people were shortlisted for the first batch.

30, 000 applicants made N-Agro, Health had 20, 000 "slots" while N-Teach got the highest with 150, 000.

The government promised that another batch, which applicants termed second batch list, would be released, but it looks like that list is in the limbo just as government is silent about it.

The government rather promised to reopen the portal for fresh applications on June 13, 2017, according to Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, whose office manages the Social Investment Programme (SIP).

Can those who didn't make the first batch, or those who are expecting the second batch list reapply when N-Power portal reopens on June 13?

QUADRI Azeez of NpowerNG Solutions is here with the analysis WHY YOU SHOULD REAPPLY if FG doesn't release Npower Second List before June 13.

1. Nothing has been said about the second batch, rather Presidential aid …

How to create N-Power Facebook Page using Facebook App, Lite, and OperaMINI

How to create N-Power Facebook Page using Facebook App, Lite, and OperaMINI There are thousands of reasons you might want to create page for npower in your state or your local government area.

Creating page on Facebook is very easy. You can set up page on the social media within minutes.
Follow the steps below to create Facebook page for NpowerNG in your area

Create page with facebook lite I. If you already account, then click on the app and sign in
2. Click on the Option Menu Bar to view the list of of options available : Events, Chat, Photos, Friends, Pages etc.
3. Click on Pages

If you have already created a page or pages, you'll see the list of your pages on top of the option drop downs
Even at that, you'll see on top option to create your new page.
4.Click on "New Page"
5. Enter your Page Name
6. Click on Category to choose the most suitable category for your new page
There are 11 categories to pick from.
7. Then click on " Create Page"
That's all…

UPDATE! Payment of N-power May Salary has begun

Payment of Npower May stipend has begun in all parts of the country.
This means volunteers who have started getting payment have each got #180, 000 since December, 2016 till date (May,  2017).

Npower payment update Akwa Ibom State: The following banks have started crediting accounts of npower volunteers in Akwa Ibom: Zenith Diamond Fidelity
Imo State: A volunteer in Imo State confirmed that he's gotten the May stipend. He uses Fidelity bank.

Osun State:
Guaranty Trust Bank (GtB)  have started sending out payment to volunteers in the state of the living spring, even though it's now called virtuous state.

Delta State
Ogo Emmanuel from Delta state just confirmed that he got his stipend from N-Power via Diamond Bank.

Other volunteers from that state should be patient, they'll all be paid.

Kano State
Diamond bank in Kano has started alerting volunteers, Kamal Deeni confirmed this that he just got his May stipend.

Other volunteers in Kano should get theirs before tomorrow.

Npower, Be…

N-Power Head Office in Abuja, Nigeria

Check Npower Head office in Abuja here

Last week,  one of the volunteers of Npower programme asked us: Please what's the headquarters of Npower Scheme in Abuja?

The volunteer resides in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja,  and was ready to take his complaints directly to the National Office of SIP.

Unfortunately, we couldn't give him immediate answer because all previous efforts we made were abortive.
National Office of N-Power  The idea to reduce poverty and unemployment is under the Nigeria's Government National Social Investment Programme (SIP), which houses N-Power programme and three others.

SIP programme is put under the Office of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to manage, since the inception of the laudable project.

So,  the Headquarters of N-Power is in domiciled in the office of Prof. Yemi Osinbajo.
We couldn't authoritatively say the specific office of the vice president in Abuja, but we do know that his office is located in:

Aso Rock Villa,


How to rename video on your N-Power android device

How to rename video on your N-Power android device Do you know that you don't really need to download any app to rename video on your N-Power android tablet?

You are going to have many recordings with your Npower gadget in the days ahead when the devices are finally given out to volunteers.

Specs of the npower devices are capable of making video clips, for  N-Teach, N-Ago and N-Health. If you take video clips in class or farm, then you might want to rename your video before uploading it on YouTube or have it properly named your preferred name.

For now you can't rename your video when it's in play mode.

Follow these steps to rename your video file on your Npower device (or any other android devices)  1. Record your video
2. Locate the video you want to rename i.e know its current save status

3. Locate "File Manager" on your device. It's "Applications" on some other android devices.
Click on your file manager. Normally files are stored in two d…

UPDATE! N-Power portal ( will reopen June 13, 2017 to accept fresh applications -Acting President Yemi Osinbajo

Acting President Yemi Osinbajo has disclosed that N-Power job application portal would re-open to accept new applications on June 13, 2017.
Osinbajo spoke at Presidential Villa on May 29, 2017 at an event to commemorate Democracy Day and two years in office the present All Progressive Congress (APC) led government pioneered by President Muhammadu Buhari.

SIP is under the office of the Vice President. Other programmes housed by SIP include HGSFP, CCT, GEEP.

Earlier, Nigerian main opposition party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) lauded the efforts of APC on the programme.

Senate Minority leader, Sen. Godswill Akpabio,  spoke on behalf of PDP caucus in the upper legislative chamber.
Check Full List of Those Who Can't Apply For Npower Job When Portal Opens on June 13 It's expected that the second phase will take between 300,000-350,000 unemployed Nigerian youths, who are not above 35 years of age.
The first ph…

Social Investment Programme gets PDP endorsement | Senate Minority Leader Akpabio wants Buhari to involve senators in recruitment process

Senate Minority Leader,  Chief Godswill Akpabio, has praised President Muhammadu Buhari-led government for the "wonderful" implementation of the Social Investment Programme (SIP).

Akpabio spoke at Presidential Villa on May 29, 2017 at an event to commemorate Democracy Day and two years in office the government of All Progressive Congress (APC) led by Buhari/Osinbajo.

SIP is one of the unprecedented programme being implemented by the ruling party. The programme under SIP include :
1) N-Power
2) HGSFP (Home Grown School Feeding Programme)
3) CCT (Conditional Cash Transfer)
4) GEEP (Government Enterprises Entrepreneurship Programme)

You may also like the latest Npower News: By June 13, 2017 will take new applications, Acting President Yemi Osibajo says.
He called on the Federal Government to extend its laudable anti-poverty programmes to orphanages.

Akpabio said it'd be great if FG carries the Senate along in the recruitment process so that senators would be a…

Top five Andorid Browsers Suitable for filling N-Power Online Application Form

Disclaimer : The list of browsers below is recommended based on our user experience. It's not binding on anyone to compulsorily use any of them. 

It's also worthy of note that filling N-power form on a desktop or laptop is the best. We're recommending the following Android browsing apps in case you don't have access to laptop, or you want to fill any form at your convenience.

Pick your browser based on your previous user experience.

There are more than 100 browsers ready for download on Google Play Store or other Apps stores, but some of them do better than the other when it comes to filling an online application form.

We've tried some android browsing apps to fill online application form, while some of them were great, some of them only showed blank page.

Online application forms are usually loaded with column cum code, so they require intuitive browers.
Top five Andorid Browsers Suitable for filling N-Power Online Application Form and others Of all the browers, w…

Rules of caling N-Power State Focal Persons

First three of our articles on this blog were centered on names and phone numbers of State Focal Persons, unfortunately communicaque from Abuja said it's totally invasion and break of their privacies.

We had to remove the numbers.

That's uderstandble. Some of the Npower volunteers could call at odd hours. Calling State Focal Person by 7AM, 11PM is absolutely odd.

But, if Senior Special Assistant to the president on Job creation (N-Power)  Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede could leave Abuja to tour virtually all the six geo-political zones in the country to have first hand information on the npower scheme, then it's should be a challenge to those who have been appointed as State Focal Persons to also take up the responsibility of adequately monitoring the programme in their states, and helping volunteers lessen their challenges.

Whichever the case is, we'll make available phone number of your state focal person based on demand, and if it's necessary to issue it. We may howeve…

2017 N-Power Second Phase Recruitment : Security Advice for Applicants | Safety Precautions on Application Submissions

Great you landed on this page!

Because you'll be learning what security measure you need to take in the process of application.

The first Npower recruitment exercise in 2016 was a simply a learning process for the employer and the employees.

Last year, lots of accounts were compromised. Some people gave out their login details to a completely stranger online or on phone in the process, their details were changed, when npower began to pay its volunteers.

What security precautions do you exactly need to put in place?

1) Know the official application portal of N-Power Before the submission of applications commenced in 2016, Federal Government made public the portal through which interested Nigerian youths could submit their applications.

They are: This is the main application portal of the Npower scheme where submission of application was done. This is the sub-domain of npower programme, where names of the successful applicants were published.…

N-Power Nasarawa resumes verification of unpaid volunteers | Payments expected to resume when list gets to Abuja

Verification of unpaid volunteers has resumed in some parts of Nasarawa State, North Central, Nigeria. 
The verified beneficiaries were part of those who had earlier being cleared, unfortunately couldnt get their monthly stipends.

One spokespersons of the unpaid volunteers in Karu Local Government Area of the state,  Arc. Atakpu Mike, who has been complaining about payment problem, said the verification started on May 25 through May 26,2017.

In Karu LGA alone, it's learned that over 800 volunteers in the council area had payment problem.

Their rescheduled verification was carried out at Keffi e-library.

Arc. Atakpu who tweeted @mike_imon is yet to confirm to us if the verification has been completed, but said more volunteers had been cleared.

Volunteers from the state had earlier complained of "no communication" from their state focal person, Mohammed Danazimi.

We'll keep you updated!
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Major N-Power Groups and Pages on Facebook | Add Yours if it's not here

N-power is one of the units of Social Investment Programme (SIP)  of President Muhammadu Buhari-led government.

When it came on board, social media platforms were created by both the government and volunteers to help spread update.

Major N-Power Groups on Facebook and PagesBelow Facebook Groups are the major convergence of beneficiaries.

N-power Volunteers on Facebook Npowerng is the official Facebook page of the programme. It's created to disperse cogent info about the programme to help corps stay in touch.

This page isn't just for updates, but to as well attend to inquiries from troubled applicants.

It's not just on Facebook, but also tweets @npower_ng
With 65,530 likes (still growing).

This Page without gainsaying is the most AUTHORITATIVE NPower Page on Facebook.

It's been criticised as being not active, but it's simply the BEST PAGE you can like if youre on Facebook and an applicant.

N-POWER COMMUNITY This is a public group on Facebook for npower volunteers to …

N-Power Volunteer hails FG's plan to prosecute "GHOST" beneficiaries who collect salary without Work | They are ungrateful beneficiaries

One of the volunteers of N-power Edward Kenneth has hailed the move of the Federal Government to prosecute some beneficiaries who have been collecting the monthly #30,000 stipends without reporting at their Places of Primary Assignment.

On May 24, 2017 Presidential aid on Job creation Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede disclosed that special monitoring team of the scheme is aware of the fact that "some volunteers have been getting the stipends without work. "

He said 17 of the "ghost" Npower volunteers have been penciled down for prosecution "so as to serve as detterent to others. "

Hailing the plan,  Edward said, "So consoling to know that FG will begin prosecution of those N-power volunteers who have being receiving their stipend since December and has never show up in their PPA. I think this is heart warming.

"While all those unpaid Npowerites are busy in their PPA's, using their precious time, energy, money and vigor for nothing. Since December has…

Npower non-graduate programes N-Build and N-Tech will take off July 20, says presidential aid | We still have your data, you'll be contacted soon

The Federal Government has disclosed that N-Power Build and N-Power Tech will kick start by July, 2017.

N-Teach and N-Tech is categorised as non-graduate programmes of the FG's N-Power programme.

N-Teach, N-Health, and N-Agro are categorized as N-Power graduate programmes.

N-power scheme formerly took off December 2016 with payment of #30,000 each as monthly stipend to the 200,000 graduates that made the first batch.

Last years, npower job portal was overwhelmed by the mamooth crowd of applicants who "besieged" the portal, which led the portal to crash severally.

Then, N-Agro got 30,000; 20,000 was shortlisted for N-health, while N-Teach got 150,000 successful applicants.

Rumours are rifed over when the list for N-Build and N-Tech shortlisted candidates will be released.

FG through its Labour and Employment minister Chris Ngige said recently that would start accepting fresh applications by May 29, 2017.

Unfortunately, the FG wasn't specific abou…

N-Power Volunteers who collect stipends without WORK to face trial-Afolabi Imuokhuede | FG/State Collaboration is for Monitoring Purpose

It won't be business as usual for some N-Power beneficiaries who have not been going to their Place of Primary Assignment, yet get the monthly stipend.

The Federal Government said this Tuesday at News Agency of Nigeria forum.

Already, 17 volunteers have been discovered to have been receiving the monthly stipends without going to place of work.

Senior Special Assistant to the President on Job Creation (N-Power Scheme), Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede, said the 17 volunteers would face full wrath of the law so as to serve as deterrent to others.

FG/State Collaboration on N-power In a related development, Mr. Afolabi said that the collaboration between the FG and state governments was to tackle the issue of of non-perdorming corps across the country.

"Monitoring framework put in place so as to ensure that volunteers do the work they're paid for, " he said.

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Latest 5 Npower Support Phone Numbers for Unpaid Volunteers and Those with NPVN Error | Pick their call when it comes in

How to identify genuine N-power call It's good news for you if you're yet to be paid! The genuine phone numbers of Npower Officials are shown in the photo below :
N-Power Call The Volunteers Genuine Phone Numbers N-power headquarters in Abuja has dedicated five telephone lines to resolve issues related to non payment of stipends.

Last three days, NpowerNG Solutions sent series of tweets to Npower stakeholders: @npower_ng, @SIPNGR,@Akandeoj and the acting president on twitter to confirm the "Call Npower Corps" methodology.

It would be recalled that last week, Mr. Laolu Akande, media aid to Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, promised applicants that they would be paid.

One of the measures put in place is to call applicants who have payment problem or have minor disparity in their NPVN Portal.

The call is meant to help confirm the true ownership of such Npower account and the. Account Number linked to it.

Mr. Akande said 162, 024 out of 200, 000 applicants had been cleare…

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