2017 N-Power Second Phase Recruitment : Security Advice for Applicants | Safety Precautions on Application Submissions

2017 N-Power Recruitment process
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Because you'll be learning what security measure you need to take in the process of application.

The first Npower recruitment exercise in 2016 was a simply a learning process for the employer and the employees.

Last year, lots of accounts were compromised. Some people gave out their login details to a completely stranger online or on phone in the process, their details were changed, when npower began to pay its volunteers.

What security precautions do you exactly need to put in place?

1) Know the official application portal of N-Power

Before the submission of applications commenced in 2016, Federal Government made public the portal through which interested Nigerian youths could submit their applications.

They are:

  • www.npower.gov.ng: This is the main application portal of the Npower scheme where submission of application was done. 
  • portal.npower.gov.ng: This is the sub-domain of npower programme, where names of the successful applicants were published. It's also where applicants checked their names using their registered phone numbers or e-mails. 
  • npvn.npower.gov.ng: This is a special portal designed for the first set of 200, 000 successful volunteers. This is where each of them logs in to update their details. It's simply the archive of the applicants. 

So, please steer clear of any other websites apart from the above except as announced by the government.

2) Don't give out your details to those you don't know

Yea, this is one of the most important security precautions you could take. Last year, one of our followers also a volunteer in the programme told us how her details were changed by an unknown person.

She told us that a cafe guy handled the registration A-Z for her. The cafe guy was our suspect.

If you must hand over your details to cafe person, stay there. Not only to correct the mistakes that might arise along the way, but to make sure he/she doesn't automatically store your e-mail password to a public computer.
NpowerNG Application

3) Allow cookies on your computer

If you are using a cafe, those guys already allowed it. Cookies are important before having access to some features of some job portals or websites.

If you dissallowed cookies, you might find it difficult to have complete access to the features of the website.

4) Clear your browser's cache

Cache is a junk on your browser, clear it to allow the page you're visiting to have access to connectivity.

Even if you're going to use your pad, ensure to first clear the cache on your entire device or on the specific browser you're using.

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You can also clear the history.

The two, particularly cache, if not cleared are like writing on an already filled up chalkboard.

This is also applicable when you have strong Internet connectivity on your device, yet you can't browse, or your browsing session is slow, clear the cache and history to enjoy faster session.

5) Know the best browsing session in your area. 

If you're using a personal device, you should know the time when connectivity is better. In my area, it's overnight.

It differs. It could be during the day,  all every time in your area.

Browsing session has proven to be faster overnight,especially when you could browse fairly during the day.

Know the best time so that Internet connectivity doesn't frustrate your efforts.

Last year, more than a thousand of interested applicants were detrerred by the poor Internet connection in their area.

6) Use recommended or advanced browser

Officially, N-Power hasn't recommended any browser to fill the application, but our research has shown that some lighter browers couldn't load some heavy files successfully.

So, we're recommending the following browsers based on test and user experience in the area of job applicantion form:

  • Firefox Mozilla G
  • Google Chrome 
  • Web ExplorerS
  • Safari
  • UC brower

If you found opera mini to be useful for you, please use. But not all versions of opera can load forms unhindered.

7) Know the required file size to upload

Above all, read the instructions before applying: the required file size to upload etc are important to your successful application.

If the required file size is (put at) not more that 200kg and you uploaded 210kg, you could submit, but your application might be junked.Rejected!

Take the above security and personal precautions, then your application will be entertained.
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