Latest 5 Npower Support Phone Numbers for Unpaid Volunteers and Those with NPVN Error | Pick their call when it comes in

How to identify genuine N-power call

It's good news for you if you're yet to be paid! The genuine phone numbers of Npower Officials are shown in the photo below :

N-Power Call The Volunteers Genuine Phone Numbers

N-power headquarters in Abuja has dedicated five telephone lines to resolve issues related to non payment of stipends.

Last three days, NpowerNG Solutions sent series of tweets to Npower stakeholders: @npower_ng, @SIPNGR,@Akandeoj and the acting president on twitter to confirm the "Call Npower Corps" methodology.
Npowerng call volunteers

It would be recalled that last week, Mr. Laolu Akande, media aid to Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, promised applicants that they would be paid.

One of the measures put in place is to call applicants who have payment problem or have minor disparity in their NPVN Portal.

The call is meant to help confirm the true ownership of such Npower account and the. Account Number linked to it.

Mr. Akande said 162, 024 out of 200, 000 applicants had been cleared, saying the rest 37,976 nonpaid volunteers would be sorted out by resolving their issues.

We believe that the number of those who have been paid and without error in their portal must have increased from 162,024, meaning the number 37,976 must have drastically reduce.

More than hundreds of those who were unpaid before Laolu's statement have confirmed that they've been paid months of their stipends.

Etiene Vincent in Akwa Ibom State told us that he got four months outstanding payment, amounting to #120,000.

The elated Etiene says "It's a better Nigeria. "

So, if you're yet to be paid or you have disparity in your NPVN Portal, any of the following phone number in the photo below will call you.
Npowerng real phone numbers

What will Npower officials ask me? 

As you expect their call, please make sure you know the following:

1. Your full name in order in which it appears on your BVN
2. Your account number linked to your BVN
3. Your e-mail address

Note: If you're married please dont forget to tell them that you're.

How will I know if its Npower Calling? How to store N-Power Phone numbers 

For you to be sure the call is from genuine N-Power official, please store the phone number on your phone by using something like this:
Npower2 etc till you have all the five number stored.

This will enable you know that you're talking to the right person, and that you're in the safe hands.

A guy told us he called one of them names yesterday, because he's uninformed about the new development.

Courtesy matters!



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Twitter: @NpowerngS


  1. Aneke Ogadimma25 May 2017 at 09:17

    Great work Npower I pray am called I have verification issues. Was verified but some errors

  2. not pd yet what could be my own issue?

    1. Please check your npvn details and compare them with banking details.

      Let's know if your problem is unmatched name or unmatched BVN.

      You direct such complaints to Npower dedicated e-mail and phone number.

      If you have none of the above issues, then it's possible your payment is being processed with the backlog.

  3. Adedoyin Oluwaseyi29 August 2017 at 04:02

    my friend named ODERINDE BUKOLA VICTORIA has not been paid since because there was an error in her account number which has been rectfied by the Npower team. Please what else can she do to paid her stipends from February till date.

  4. Hi Oluwaseyi,
    If your friend has rectified the problem with her account number, it means her details are already updated with N-power. She will be paid in the next batch of BACKLOG.

    Note that BACKLOG is payment based on first-issue resolved. And if you think it's taking long, please send a reminder to Npower dedicated support email for unpaid volunteers. You can find the email address on this blog.

    Alternatively, contact N-power on its social media channels.

    Please lemme know if you have more of my assistance.


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