Can I reapply for N-Power on June 13 if there's no second batch list?

Last year, we're told that millions of Nigerian applied on, but 200,000 people were shortlisted for the first batch.

30, 000 applicants made N-Agro, Health had 20, 000 "slots" while N-Teach got the highest with 150, 000.

The government promised that another batch, which applicants termed second batch list, would be released, but it looks like that list is in the limbo just as government is silent about it.

The government rather promised to reopen the portal for fresh applications on June 13, 2017, according to Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, whose office manages the Social Investment Programme (SIP).

Can those who didn't make the first batch, or those who are expecting the second batch list reapply when N-Power portal reopens on June 13?

QUADRI Azeez of NpowerNG Solutions is here with the analysis WHY YOU SHOULD REAPPLY if FG doesn't release Npower Second List before June 13.

1. Nothing has been said about the second batch, rather Presidential aid on Job creation Mr. Afolabi said names of successful candidates for the N-Build and N-Tech would be released on July 20, 2017.

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He assured the non-graduates applicants that their records are in intact with N-Power, as such they should be calm.

By this, you should reapply if you applied for the graduate programme of the scheme, you wrote the test, yet you didn't make the first batch,  and the second batch isn't forthcoming, then you should be warming up to reapply when start accepting fresh applications by June 13.

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2. Labour and Employment Minister Dr. Chris Ngige recent speech on npower was silent about second batch list, he instead said the portal would re-open for SECOND PHASE.

And you want to know the difference between...


"Second batch is a number succeeding an earlier quantity released" while Second phase is a way of reopening an earlier project which already proven to be a success.

Note that Ngige talked about second phase not second batch, so get set to benefit from the FG's laudable project.

3. Acting President Osinbajo's office is the manager of Social Investment Programme. He said on May 29 that the portal would re-open June 13, to take another batch of 300,000 through applications.

This means the 300,000 would be taken from another millions of applications that would be submitted via the npower portal just it's in 2016.

So if you didn't make the first batch, don't hesitate to reapply by June 13, if by June 12 nothing is said about second batch.

4. If by June 13, 2017 you entered your details into npower portal but you're told you already registered, it means you cant reapply.

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But if the portal can't recognize your details, it means you can go ahead to reapply.

5. When the FG did the analysis termed "Selection Breakdown and Criteria for the 200, 000 successful candidates" government said "the first phase was done in a fair manner".

By our definition of second phase, then there could no second batch rather SECOND PHASE.

6. Prof. Osinbajo said on May Day Democracy celebration that the SIP isn't a privilege but right of every qualified Nigerians.


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