How to create N-Power Facebook Page using Facebook App, Lite, and OperaMINI

create facebook page for npower

How to create N-Power Facebook Page using Facebook App, Lite, and OperaMINI

There are thousands of reasons you might want to create page for npower in your state or your local government area.

Creating page on Facebook is very easy. You can set up page on the social media within minutes.
Follow the steps below to create Facebook page for NpowerNG in your area

Create page with facebook lite

I. If you already account, then click on the app and sign in
2. Click on the Option Menu Bar to view the list of of options available : Events, Chat, Photos, Friends, Pages etc.
3. Click on Pages

If you have already created a page or pages, you'll see the list of your pages on top of the option drop downs
Even at that, you'll see on top option to create your new page.
4.Click on "New Page"
5. Enter your Page Name
6. Click on Category to choose the most suitable category for your new page
There are 11 categories to pick from.
7. Then click on " Create Page"
That's all!

Setting up Npower Facebook Page using OperaMINI

1. Log-in to your account
2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the following:
Find friends

3. Click on PAGES
It will display your liked pages, page invites, suggested pages
4. On top of that is +Create Page. Click on it
5. Choose a name for your page
6. Select category
7. Click on GET STARTED and your page is live!

That's all!

Create Npower Page using standard Facebook App

1. Log-in to your account
There are two MENU BARS: One by the top right hand side (friends), the second one is by the left hand side.

2. Click on the one by the top left hand side.
3. It should show you already created pages and on top or below your other pages is: CREATE PAGE. Click on it.

4. Choose name for your page.
5.Click on category to select one for your page.
6. Click on GET STARTED.

That's all!

Your new pag is created.

So,  how do you promote your new facebook page? 

-Facebook pays attention to pages that are frequently updated and pages that have good content. Update your page from time to time so that facebook automatically puts it in front of people who search for pages related to yours.

-Invite friends to like your page.
-You also opt to promote your page using facebook ads. It's not expensive to promote your page on facebook. Try it!

All the best.


Facebook Group: NpowerNG Solutions 

Twitter: @NpowerngS



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