How to rename video on your N-Power android device

How to rename video on your N-Power android device

Do you know that you don't really need to download any app to rename video on your N-Power android tablet?

You are going to have many recordings with your Npower gadget in the days ahead when the devices are finally given out to volunteers.

Specs of the npower devices are capable of making video clips, for  N-Teach, N-Ago and N-Health. If you take video clips in class or farm, then you might want to rename your video before uploading it on YouTube or have it properly named your preferred name.

For now you can't rename your video when it's in play mode.


Follow these steps to rename your video file on your Npower device (or any other android devices) 

1. Record your video
2. Locate the video you want to rename i.e know its current save status

3. Locate "File Manager" on your device. It's "Applications" on some other android devices.
Click on your file manager. Normally files are stored in two different locations on most Android devices:
i. Internal storage
ii. SD card.

Since you know what the video is stored with, search through any of the two storage options

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4. In my own case I clicked on internal storage because that's where the video I want to rename is.
5. If it's a video you downloaded, then you should get it in the "Download" file. If it's video you received through Bluetooth, then click on the appropriate file.
6. Long press to highlight the video.
7. Click on option which is at the top right hand corner of your device. The drop Down will be, I)  Rename,  ii) Details.
8. Click on "Rename " option.
9. Rename the video file, cick done.
Npower Tablet

That's all, you just renamed your video on your Npower device.


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