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N-power is one of the units of Social Investment Programme (SIP)  of President Muhammadu Buhari-led government.

When it came on board, social media platforms were created by both the government and volunteers to help spread update.

Major N-Power Groups on Facebook and Pages

Below Facebook Groups are the major convergence of beneficiaries.

N-power Volunteers on Facebook

Npowerng is the official Facebook page of the programme. It's created to disperse cogent info about the programme to help corps stay in touch.

This page isn't just for updates, but to as well attend to inquiries from troubled applicants.

It's not just on Facebook, but also tweets @npower_ng
With 65,530 likes (still growing).

This Page without gainsaying is the most AUTHORITATIVE NPower Page on Facebook.

It's been criticised as being not active, but it's simply the BEST PAGE you can like if youre on Facebook and an applicant.


This is a public group on Facebook for npower volunteers to join and for prospective corps who want to stay up to date as updates are concerned.

Founder: Israel Bubaraye Wellington Jeremiah

The name looks too long though, we suspect it's a combination of the names of fouders, we can't confirm this at this time.
Member : 203, 657 (still counting)

This is one of the earliest npower group when the programme was launched. The founder of this group tapped into the opportunity of large number of unemployed youths to take a step further by even opening a blog for the purpose of updating beneficiaries.

With the number of group members, N-power Community prides itself as the LARGEST convergence of volunteers across the country irrespective of States, LG, religion and colour.

It's members are more than the number of the 200,000 shortlisted for the first batch. This means that those who are expecting second batch are also member of this group.
Kudos to the founders. Join the group HERE 


This is another authoritative facebook group dedicated for updates on the programme. This group has the second largest group members.

It used to be a public group, but it has since changed its status to closed group. Just like N-POWER COMMUNITY, this group has stepped up to have a special blog for discussions and updates.

Member: 107, 027 Join them on Facebook 


This group has been streamlined for volunteers in Anambra State.
Members: This group has 805 members as at time of compiling this list.

We expect it to grow as the day passes by.

Do you want to join the group?  Check it out on Facebook


Kogi, the confluence state has its own facebook group. The disadvantage of this group is that it's closed.

We believe that it should be open since npower itself is a public youth empowerment programme, but whatever the reason of the founder of this group is, we say kudos.

Members : It has 924 members.

This group is right here.

It's a closed group

NpowerNG Solutions (#Npower Nigeria)

This is one of the youngest Npower group on Facebook. It's founded by infobase, one of the websites that has been a resource centre for npower news and updates.

As a result of the need to concentrate more on other burning issues, the founders of infobase decided to have a separate group exclusively for npower beneficiaries in the country.

Within a short period of time, NpowerNG Solutions has provided answers to some of npower questions.

Members: 415 (still growing)

It has also gone to register itself on the blogshere where it's published unique and informative articles.

NpowerNG Solutions tweets @NpowerngS


Lagos is one of the states that started had slight hitches with verification exercise. While some other states verified volunteers on time, Lagos began January 2017.

In view of this a group was found to be a meeting point for volunteers who are based in Lagos.

We're aware that more than two groups exist on Facebook for this purpose, but we're giving this group preference.

Member: 1,402

Considering the population of Lagos, we expected Lagos NPOWER VOLUNTEER to have the highest number, but we understand that most of them either belong to a generalized group or belong to group that's more of local government group.

Npower Ogun State

If you're in Ogun State, the best npower group that's suitable for you in terms of proximity is Npower Ogun State.

We expected the grown to have grown more than its present membership, but we believe we time, it'll, if the admins of the group do more in updating the group.

Member: 636 You can join them here.

Npower Volunteers Vanguard Kaduna State Wings 

From Ogun, let's move to Kaduna where the group is trying as much as it can to keep it's members informed.

It's a public group .
Member: 1, 468

N-Power Abia State

Next on our list is N-Power Abia State. We discovered that there are more than one group in that state.
Member: 823

N-Power Volunteer Forum Akwa Ibom State 

It's a public group
Member: 846

N-Power Volunteer Group in Delta State

This is a public group
Member: 778

Kebbi State Npower Discussion Group

It's a closed group
Member: 53

N-Power Volunteers Group (NVG) 

Status: Closed
Member: 36, 507

Npower Group Unpaid Beneficiary 36 State

Status: Public
Member: 7, 104

N-Power Ogun State

Status: Closed
Member: 2, 579

Npower Volunteer Group (Niger State Chapter)
It's a public group
Member: 602

This list will be UPDATED as we find more of these groups.

Drop your own group right away

Facebook Group: NpowerNG Solutions 

Twitter: @NpowerngS



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