N-Power Volunteer hails FG's plan to prosecute "GHOST" beneficiaries who collect salary without Work | They are ungrateful beneficiaries

One of the volunteers of N-power Edward Kenneth has hailed the move of the Federal Government to prosecute some beneficiaries who have been collecting the monthly #30,000 stipends without reporting at their Places of Primary Assignment.

On May 24, 2017 Presidential aid on Job creation Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede disclosed that special monitoring team of the scheme is aware of the fact that "some volunteers have been getting the stipends without work. "

He said 17 of the "ghost" Npower volunteers have been penciled down for prosecution "so as to serve as detterent to others. "

Hailing the plan,  Edward said, "So consoling to know that FG will begin prosecution of those N-power volunteers who have being receiving their stipend since December and has never show up in their PPA. I think this is heart warming.

"While all those unpaid Npowerites are busy in their PPA's, using their precious time, energy, money and vigor for nothing. Since December has not received even a flash of stipend."

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Edward referred to the the acussed as "ungrateful beneficiaries" who collect stipend and yet refuse to show in their various PPA's.

Edward who has been working at his PPA since the commencement of the programme said, "I know how painful it is to work for nothing and yet no salary.

"Since January I have being spending my money on transport, time and commitment in my PPA, yet I have not received a dim from Npower while some will still collect and refuse to go to their PPA."

He called on FG to quickly set up a monitoring team "to check this injustice. "


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