UPDATE! Payment of N-power May Salary has begun

N-Power stipends

Payment of Npower May stipend has begun in all parts of the country.

This means volunteers who have started getting payment have each got #180, 000 since December, 2016 till date (May,  2017).

npower May stipend

Npower payment update 

Akwa Ibom State:
The following banks have started crediting accounts of npower volunteers in Akwa Ibom:

Imo State:
A volunteer in Imo State confirmed that he's gotten the May stipend. He uses Fidelity bank.

Osun State:
Guaranty Trust Bank (GtB)  have started sending out payment to volunteers in the state of the living spring, even though it's now called virtuous state.

Delta State
Ogo Emmanuel from Delta state just confirmed that he got his stipend from N-Power via Diamond Bank.

Other volunteers from that state should be patient, they'll all be paid.

Kano State
Diamond bank in Kano has started alerting volunteers, Kamal Deeni confirmed this that he just got his May stipend.

Other volunteers in Kano should get theirs before tomorrow.

Npower, Benue State 
Khadijah Umar confirmed that she got her stipend some minutes ago.

Have you been paid?  Which State and bank do you use? 

More coming soon.

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    1. Hello Kolawole, sent for payment means your outstanding is being processed. Unless another error is encountered in your npvn portal.

  3. Hi, i am Joshua from Lagos, i got my stipend for May Yesterday, but i am yet to be paid for December and January. Does that also fall under backlog, and do i need to send message to their numbers?

    1. I think the government is clear about December payment for Lagos, unless that has been resolved.

      FG says volunteers would be paid beginning from the month they're verified.

      Your January will fall under backlog

  4. I am EDORE BENEDICTA AKPOGHERHE from DELTA STATE. I resumed duty on December 2nd in the school I was posted to. I was not paid until MAY. Now I have received MAY and JUNE salaries. What happens about my unpaid DECEMBER to APRIL salaries? When should I be expecting my backlog to be paid to me? My NPVN PORTAL is still showing JANUARY to APRIL as invalid instead of starting from DECEMBER. When will this be corrected and my backlog sent to me?


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