Rules of caling N-Power State Focal Persons

First three of our articles on this blog were centered on names and phone numbers of State Focal Persons, unfortunately communicaque from Abuja said it's totally invasion and break of their privacies.

We had to remove the numbers.

That's uderstandble. Some of the Npower volunteers could call at odd hours. Calling State Focal Person by 7AM, 11PM is absolutely odd.

But, if Senior Special Assistant to the president on Job creation (N-Power)  Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede could leave Abuja to tour virtually all the six geo-political zones in the country to have first hand information on the npower scheme, then it's should be a challenge to those who have been appointed as State Focal Persons to also take up the responsibility of adequately monitoring the programme in their states, and helping volunteers lessen their challenges.

Whichever the case is, we'll make available phone number of your state focal person based on demand, and if it's necessary to issue it. We may however not publicly publish the numbers on this platform.

N-Power State Focal Person: Rules of calling them

1. Call at working hours. Working hours in public service is Nigeria is between 8AM-4PM

2. Call on working days. Don't call during holidays. Allow him/her to enjoy the little period he/she will be having with his/her family.

3. Respect their privacy.
4. Don't call to greet. He doesn't know you personally, "how's your family? How is your work? " are irrelevant questions.

Introduce yourself: "I'm Confidence Ijala, one of the npower volunteers in Delta. I'm having trouble with my payment, even though I was verified, and my details are correct.
Please, Sir, I need your advise and assistance on what to do."
Full Stop!  Allow him to talk.

5. Don't call when you're having minor issues like incoherent name. In such case, go to your bank and make necessary correction.

6. Call your state focal person ONLY for N-Power related issues. Don't call for other jobs. They're only appointed to oversee the scheme in their respective states.

7. Gather your thoughts before you put your call across. Go straight to your point. Don't  gibber when you call.

8. Some of the technical and Frequently Asked Questions have been treated on So, ensure you try that platform before you call.

 Remember, State Focal Persons were not appointed to help you change your name, they perform administrative functions. They may however be of help on what to do.

Are you having payment problem? Check these N-Power Latest Support Phone Numbers for Unpaid Volunteers. You can't call,  any of them will call you. 

9. It could be annoying when you call repeatedly to complain of the same problem. Allow him to attend to the ones on his table because some of them are assistant to governor, special adviser, etc.

10. Understand the mood of your focal person. When you call someone twice, and he doesn't pick, he could be busy. Call back some hours later.

Also, when you call someone and he sounds angry, you may not see his countenance, but you can read it through the voice. Your questions might be entertained when your receiver is happy and you can feel it in his voice than someone who sounds combative.

11. Know his title. Africans love titles. If he's a chief in his village, address him as Chief. A chief in Africa feels embarrassed when he's addressed as Mr. Or you address a retired Army Col. as Major, he's likely to hand up on you.

12. Know his preffered language. If you speak English and he replies in the indigenous language, please switch to that language. Don't continue to blow vocabulary when your receiver prefers his language.

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13. Be couteseous . Everyone loves to be respected. Better still respect his office.

14. Know when to end your call.

If need be to call your State Focal Person, ask us and his/her number will be made available.

You can first share your challenges here, it could be something we can help provide useful steps to get it resolved.©NpowerNG Solutions




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    LGA: Onitsha north

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