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5 Daily Motivational Quotes by PowerHopes

1) One big lesson I have learnt from snail is: It doesn't gives up, if it's not killed. When you block its way while it crawls it'll find an alternative route, even after you hit its eyes or tentacles. Have you been frustrated over and over by some people around you?Don't give up, keep trying till you achieve your set goals 2) "In our relationships with our parents or other people, we may have had to perform in a certain way in order to earn their love, but God's love is unconditional, and is freely offered to all who will receive it by faith."---Joyce Meyer 3) "You cannot offer service to God effectively without becoming a disciple and without the important ingredient of consecration."---Pastor E.A Adeboye 4) "The fact that others failed difficult task doesn't mean you won't succeed. Learn from failure of others to achieve success."---PowerHopes 5) "If we hold fast to God's word and believe His promises, He will calm …

Npower Tax (N-power #VAIDS) Likely Questions and Answers

Did you apply for NpowerVAIDS, also known as Npower Tax in the ongoing  2017 Online Recruitment? Here are he tax-related questions you might see on July 1, 2017 when you'll be writing the Online Assessment Test. Since Npower Tax is the newest programme added to the existing ones, it might be tasking to come up with the exact questions, unlike other programmes.
However, N-Tax questions might take the form of last year's questions, whereby a Yoruba graduates could effectively answer Npower Health questions. 
Don't also forget that the questions might also contain some personal questions about you.It's like that last year for the first batch online assessment test.
This compilation was done by  the Editor of NpowerNG Solutions. 
N-VAIDS or N-Tax Likely Questions and Answers 1) What is the full meaning of FIRS
Federal Inland Revenue Service.It's one of the government's agencies, which is directly under the Federal Ministry of Finance. FIRS collects tax accrue to the Fed…

NpowerNG 2017 Update: N-VAIDS (N-Tax) to write Online Test July 1, 2017

Updated: June 30,2017(20:38)Nigeria has announced July 1, 2017 as the date for the Online Assessment Test for those who chose NpowerVAIDSVAIDS is also known as Npower Tax. The job recruitment team of the APC government said SMS would be sent to applicants whose BVN had been verified with their Npower application details. Earlier today, N-power released  Application, Screening and Selection Procedure for the 2017 recruitment exercise.
Why you might not get N-power test invitation SMS 1) If your BVN doesn't tally with your registration details 2) If your message inbox is filled up. In this situation, delete some of the Read messages to give room for new messages If you finally got the test message, you might want to Check our likely questions and answers for N-Tax 

Details soon....

NpowerNG 2017 Screening Process and Guidlines for Applicants

Updated: August 19, 2017 (13:25)

Npower Nigeria has announced July 1, 2017 as the date for the Online Assessment Test for those who chose N-power VAIDS
N-power 2017 Recruitment Application and Screening Process Guidelines
N-power has released the application and screening process for the NpowerNG 2017 recruitment exercise.
It said on its social media channels that the 2017 Application Process Guidelines was aimed at avoiding the challenges encountered in 2016.
"To avoid some of the issues of the 2016 applications,applicants will have to go through the process listed below."
1) Application
2) BVN Verification
3) Test
4) Device Selection
5) Pre selection
6) Physical verification
7) Selection
8) Deployment
Npower Nigeria said applicants would only be considered for assessment stage if their Bank Verification Number, BVN, match their applications.
"Only applicants whose BVN records match their applications will move to the assessment stage."…

Free Online Course in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialisation powered by University of California, Davis

Free Online Course in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialisation powered by University of California, Davis Study at your own PACE with SEO experts Have you ever wondered why you see some results on top of Google Search, Bing Search, Yahoo Search and other search engines? That's not all.While some websites come on the first page, others could befound on the 5th page, even when they cover the same topic differently.The ones on the search engine first page is said to have effectively optimized their contents known as SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO).So... What's SEO? Search Engine Optimization is a methodology of tactics used to increase visitors to website enroute search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and others. The favourable placement of your content cum website is determined by your proficiency in Search Engine Optimization. This course, SEO Specialisation, is a beginner's guide to SEO, which will teach how to effectively optimize website content for the …

NpowerNG directs some 2017 Applicants to REAPPLY | How to successfully Register again

Updated: 17:00 (June 29)
Npower 2017 Recruitment: How to successfully reapply on Npower Online Job Application Portal :
Message from Npower Nigeria this afternoon is that some 2017 applicants will have to reapply.
In this regard, N-power Abuja has begun to send message to the affected applicants in the massive job programme.
Npower disclose this on its Facebook and twitter handle @npower_ng.
"Some people will receive an SMS asking them to reapply for the 2017 N-power programme."
It assured applicants who got the directive that "is from N-power"
"This message is from N-power and we urge everyone who receives the message to reapply before 13th of July, 2017," the announcement reads.
Sample of the message: 
"Thank you for your interest in the 2017 N-Power Programme. However, your application has not been properly processed. We kindly request that you visit and reapply before July 13th 2017."
No reason was given for the …

What is N-Power Nigeria? | What brought about Npower Programme in Nigeria?

If you're still unsure of What N-power is all about, we'll shed more light on it. And what brought about N-power programme in Nigeria. N-power is a job initiative programme of Nigerian government, which is designed to reduce the rate of youth unemployment among Nigerian graduates. In a layman's words, N-Power is a programme that is meant to give temporary jobs to Nigerian youths. What brought about N-Power Programme in NigeriaThe rate of unemployment brought about the idea of N-power job initiative programme. Who designed N-Power?
All Progressive Congress (APC ) a leading opposition party before 2015 General Elections is the brain behind the job initiative programme. Prior to that time, the Rate of Unemployment in Nigeria was growing at alarming rate.Youth unemployment rate in Nigeria moved from 21.50% in the first quarter of 2016 to 24% in the second quarter of 2016, according to Unemployment Statics by Trading EconomicsThat was what the then APC saw and foresaw the wors…

5 Daily Motivational Quotes by PowerHopes

1) "Think of others as you would yourself, that's one of the ways to make the world a better place."2) "Religion alone can't bring peace; money alone can't buy love. Selflessness will better both."3) "We certainly need the support and encouragement of others who know how to believe God with us when we're facing adversity. "---Kenneth Hagin 4) "When your riches come from God, they are sorrow-free."---David Oyedepo 5) "There are things you never believed you could do until you try them."Fear tries to suppress the in-built potential in you if you don't make moves.Compiled by PowerHopes

NpowerNG 2017 Online Assessment Test for Second Batch

Updated: June 30, 2017When are the 2017 N-power applicants writing online assessment test?Npower Online assessment test begins on July 1, 2017, with N-Tax starting first.Date for the Online Assessment Test for  2017 Npower job recruitment exercise will be communicated to applicants via the social media channels of the programme, N-power has said.N-power made the announcement today on Facebook to dispel rumors going round that some 2017 applicants "have started receiving text messages ".N-power opened its job application portal on June 13 in the second batch of the programme targeting 300,000 young unemployed Nigerian youths, who aren't above 35 years old.In the first phase 200,000 Nigerians were selected in what has been described as the fairest recruitment exercise in the history of Federal Government job in Nigeria. 2017 Online application process closes on July 13, 2017.Can I get past questions of Npower Online Assessment Test?Yes, you can. Past questions are availab…

Free Online Course: An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python (Part 1) powered by Rice University

Free Online Course: An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python (Part 1) powered by Rice UniversityAre you interested in programming?Or will you like to take programming as a challenge?If you answered in affirmative, then this two-part course: An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python (Part 1) designed  by Rice University, is good free Online course you need to give a shot.Thought by computer science authorities at the Rice University, it is designed to help students with very little or no computing background.You'll  learn the basics of building simple interactive applications.This course will also teach you all you need to know about Python and its  language.Teachers of this course will work learners through high-level of computer language that is used in many of the computational courses.To simplify the course , a browser-based programming environment that makes developing interactive applications inPython simple has been developed.In part 1 of this course, …

5 Daily Motivational Quotes by PowerHopes

1) "You can't make progress standing still. Progress is made by moving. "---PowerHopes 2) "All successes don't come easy. When you have no one to help it means you need to break yourself out of shell of poverty."---PowerHopes 3) "Poverty can be passed on and on...if you don't put a stop to it in your generation. "--- PowerHopes 4) "Tests and trials come to all of us. No one on the planet is exempt from these challenges."---Kenneth Hagin 5) "Don't condition yourself to failure; plan, work, and pray."---PowerHopes Compiled by PowerHopes

Npower Job Programme has given me sense of belonging in Nigerian polity, says Mohammed Abubakar Adamu, volunteer in Gombe State, Nigeria

One of the volunteers of the job initiative programme of Nigerian government (N-power) says the planning and implementation of the massive job recruitment scheme gives beneficiaries sense of belonging in Nigerian polity.My name:
I'm Mohammed Abubakar Adamu, N-power volunteer in Gombe State. Importance of Npower job to Nigerian youths The job initiative, Npower programs, has been  very very helpful and important to us, it gives us sense of belonging, and we are very proud of our dear country Nigeria.What I want government to do for Npower Volunteer corpsI want government to increase the allowance of Nteach, and other  volunteers across the country.I want government to organize a workshop for all the Nteach volunteers because many of us don't really have teaching skills and methods.My challenges with Npower
I was faced with  the issue of payment, but I was lucky to get paid last two weeks.I'm still  having pending 5 good months of unpaid and I'm pleading to the official…

5 Daily Motivational Quotes by PowerHopes

1) "Allowing criticisms to have advantage over what you do  will dampen your spirit.Do the best you can and leave the rest for those who will forever appreciate your efforts, and those who never see any good thing in what you do.Remember, you'll get motivation from the praises of those who are appreciative of your efforts." -PowerHopes 2) "Don't stop because you failed once. The power to turn your failure to success depends on how STRONG you're. "---PowerHopes 3) "Don't depend on men, they might let you down. Men could be inconsistent, only God is worth relying on."---PowerHopes 4) "Two people will  handle similar  problem differently: while one is panic, and allow fear to overwhelm him, the other person remains calm and focused on finding an answer or solution to the problem at hand."---Kenneth W. Hagin 5) "If you can't do it alone talk to God to be with you."Compiled by PowerHopes

NpowerNG: Ogun, Cross River, Gombe State Focal Persons receive encomiums from volunteers | Beneficiaries rate Ebonyi, Kano Focal Persons low

Who is the best NpowerNG State Focal Person?Last year when N-power formally took off, Federal Government mandated every state governor to nominate focal person, which they did.Some of the Responsibilities of Npower State Focal Person are:
1) To be representative of FG in the state
2) To oversee the deployment of volunteers 3) To guide volunteers on How to solve their challenges
4) To serve as bridge between volunteers in their state and Npower Headquarters in Abuja.
5) To help Implement monitoring measures in their state so as to ensure efficiency from the volunteers. While some of State Focal Persons have been wonderful as reported by volunteers in their state, some of them have fallen below expectations. In some hours ago N-power in a bid to access the performance of their focal persons asked volunteers on Facebook Page that:"Which Focal Persons have been the most helpful and which have been the least helpful.?""Voice of man", they say, "is voice of God.&…

10 Legitimate Ways I Make Money Online in Nigeria

10 Legitimate Ways I Make Online Money in NigeriaYou've possibly read very view realistic ways to make dollars online, and thousands of unrealistic articles on how to make money online in Nigeria.I'm not going to bore you with any of the dubious ways some folks promote as a means of earning online. But I'm going to share my personal stories with you.To be honest with you Jide Ogunsanya's article on how he makes money as a Nigerian is one of the best ways of making legitimate money I read as far back as 2014.
That article opened my eyes to thousands of opportunities I never knew could  fetch me money. I implemented some of his methods later as I was ready to be my own boss.Here is the fact about making money online.... You can never make $5, or $10 in a month taking survey in Nigeria,  let alone $500 per week taking surveys as being propagated by some people online. And if anyone sends you link telling that you'd make $500 for small task, it's a big lie. Making m…

NpowerNG Facebook Complaints Thread for Unpaid Volunteers in Nigeria | Join this Thread and be Paid NOW

Having NpowerNG Payment problem? Tell N-power your problem on Facebook and be paid For those Npower volunteers who are yet to be paid, or who have outstanding stipend, here is the solutions to your problem. One of the  social media channels of N-power has created a thread on its Facebook page, where unpaid volunteers are meant to answer a few questions that will help N-power resolve and process their stipends.All you need do is: Answer a few questions about your status as a volunteer and the team will get on it.On the Facebook page of N-power, especially on the Unpaid Volunteer Thread, you're required to answer these questions: Post your answers in 1 - 5 below.1. Were you selected as a beneficiary under the N-Power programme?2. Have you been verified?
3. Were you older than 35 at the time of application?4. Do you have the qualifications required for your selection?This essentially means, selected or not, if you don't have the appropriate qualifications, you are not a beneficia…

5 Daily Motivational Quotes by PowerHopes

1) "Some have already given up hope. From their point of view, the answers they've been seeking so desperately are nowhere in sight. But the real answers to our questions can be found in God's Word."---Kenneth W. Hagin 2) "Hope and optimism work together. Hope will make you push further, even in the face of challenges. Optimism will make you say, 'It can be done'. Having these make you see positivity in all you do." PowerHopes 3) "Whether he (man) is a victim or victor, depends largely on what he makes of himself."---Richard Longfellow 4) "If God created man in His own image it means I cannot fail, even if I do He's always there to turn my failures to success. " PowerHopes 5) "Committing suicide isn't the solution to your problem; being aggressive to others won't solve it either. Talk to God, He listens, try again and see things falling in place."---PowerHopes Compiled by PowerHopes

You can now join NpowerNG Solutions on Google Plus

N-power is an initiative of Federal Government of Nigeria, which is aimed at reducing unemployment among young Nigerian graduates. The scheme began in 2016 with 200,000 Nigerians already on board, and It's portal opened June 13, 2017 to recruit more 300,000 young Nigerians, who aren't above 35 years old on board.The government of President Muhammadu Buhari under All Progressive Party, APC, is the brain behind the scheme, which has been acknowledged to be the largest job recruitment/ empowerment on African continent.Kudos to the president and his team, and most especially the Acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, whose office oversees the running of the job initiative programmes. Since the commencement of the programmes social media has been agog, blogs have been exclusively created to spread the good news about the positive effects of Npower job on the daily activities of Nigerian youths, who mostly until now roam the street scouting for non-existence Jobs.One of the blogs de…

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