10 Legitimate Ways I Make Money Online in Nigeria

10 Legitimate Ways I Make Online Money in Nigeria

You've possibly read very view realistic ways to make dollars online, and thousands of unrealistic articles on how to make money online in Nigeria.

I'm not going to bore you with any of the dubious ways some folks promote as a means of earning online. But I'm going to share my personal stories with you.

To be honest with you Jide Ogunsanya's article on how he makes money as a Nigerian is one of the best ways of making legitimate money I read as far back as 2014.

That article opened my eyes to thousands of opportunities I never knew could  fetch me money.

I implemented some of his methods later as I was ready to be my own boss.

Here is the fact about making money online....

You can never make $5, or $10 in a month taking survey in Nigeria,  let alone $500 per week taking surveys as being propagated by some people online.

And if anyone sends you link telling that you'd make $500 for small task, it's a big lie.

Making money online depends on your passion and consistency.


10 Legitimate Ways I make money in Nigeria online

1) How I Make Money Through Blogging

While you might say that the blogshere is flooded with millions of blogs, I started blogging in 2013, the blog ran for some years until it's redesigned in 2016 for a better performance.

Today, infobase.com.ng, which I co-owned with a friend  fetch us money.

Nigeria is such a great market...just know how to reach your audience.

Do you know that naij.com is owned by a foreigner? It makes millions of naira monthly online.

Blogging is about turning your passion to a professional.

Number one thing you need do is to write about what you are good in.

It may be cooking, it may be writing, it may be other creative things.

Gain confidence of your audience, you'll see them subscribing to your blog post and coming back for more.

There are several ways I make money through that website:  promoting contents for individuals and firms.

Instead of spending 12 hours of your day on Facebook and other social media liking and just commenting, you can build unique contents on your own blog and later monetise it through Google Adsense and any other profitable ads media.

2) How I make money through Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the advertising arm of Google which places ads on blogs, websites (publishers ).

When my readers click on any of ads on infobase, our account is credited.

The amount earned on a click depends on the ad's Cost Per Click (CPC).

Google payout every 23rd of every month upon meeting the threshold. For UK AdSense account you get paid when your earnings reach £60, or $100 if it's US account.

We have some independent folks making $300 and above from AdSense alone.

You too can turn your passion to money.

3) How I make money through research

Since I devoted my time into blogging, I've been able to gain the confidence of some of my readers.

The number one is: Gain confidence, second: Be consistent.

When that's achieved people who have never seen you could give you project.

Early this year, a Nigerian Chinese-based contacted me to help him carry out a research on Investment Risk In Maiduguri, Borno State.

He's not even the one, who needs the research, but he recommended me to a group of Chinese Investors, who're planning to invest in that North East part of Nigeria.

He sent more than 70% of the charges upfront.

I went and did a thorough job for them, by visiting the stakeholders, security personnel, government officials in Maiduguri, and at the end i make recommendation through my research paper.

I translated the research into more than five languages for other nationals, who might be interested in coming to Nigeria to invest.


START something right away before Npower elapses: less than 18 months.

4) How I make money from freelancing

Don't get it wrong, some guys make cool money from fiverr, but I don't.

Where I get my own freelancing job?

I get my freelance jobs from blogorama, a directories.

This isn't always coming though, it's also my source of my means of generating money online.

5) How I make $8/person in Helping Hands International (H2I)

In one of my earliest posts on this blog and Infobase.com.ng, I highlighted ways by which Npower Volunteer could invest their stipend.

Some volunteers have started trying some of them.

Some of them have started fish farming and other agricultural businesses.

But only few of them are taking part in Helping Hands International H2i.

Helpings Hands International is one of the best Multi Level Marketing, MLM, in Nigeria at the moment, and one of the best in the World.

I joined some months ago, and since then I rake in $8 per head I refer.

That's how h2i is designed.

There are other incentives and bonuses as you climb the lather.

After I completed stage two, I got H2i-branded Hp laptop, and already on my way completing stage 3.

EACH time I make a refer, my H2i  E-wallet Dollar Account is credited with $8.

Some people still ask: Is H2i real?

H2I is real! You may not necessarily join H2i, it could be any other MLM you've tried and trusted.

I've tried two before now, but their matrix wasn't sufficient enough to earn anything until a friend recommended h2i to me, who's now on stage four with his own H2i Hyundai Jeep.

6) How I make money from Facebook promotion

The first time I read one could make money from Facebook, I thought it's all jimmicks.
But it's real.

By promoting corporate organization products and services I make money based on negotiations.

Some times, I give promotion code to whoever  is making purchases via me.

7) How I make money from blog design

I don't know anything about coding.

I'm not a computer scientist.

I hold a degree in Mass Communication.

You don't need to study coding too.

Whenever I'm commissioned to design a blog, I make money from it.

These were the people I never met.

They contacted me online and tell me exactly what they wanted.

I learned blog design through reading E-books, and through great article I stumbled upon online.

8) How I make money from domain customization

There is difference between  free domain and customised domain.

See this...

I started this blog on free domain at www.npowerportalng.blogspot.com

Dot blogspot dot com is free, until I customize it.

Bought a domain name (powerhopes.com  ) If you clicked on my free domain it'll take you to www.powerhopes.com.

I also earn from this from prospective bloggers, and others who just want to have a personal and professional blog for their services.

9) I also make money online by helping others buy domain name

This isn't a big thing. Anyone can buy a domain name from any of the available registrars around the world.

But we're not all good in making online purchase. In that case, I make little from it.

Some of them are godaddy, namecheap, web4africa and others.

10) I make money online by selling data, airtime online

The world has gone digital. People now top up their airtime, data via online banking by using USSD code.

However, I'm still able to get customers by selling data online. They contact me via call or WhatsApp.

You can try any of the above means to start making money online.

Making money online is REAL, you only need to know the best Methods and be consistent.

Don't let anyone fool you that you can make $500 by taking surveys. It's a lie.

Start something today before Npower ends, so that you have something to fall back on by or before 2018.

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