5 Daily Motivational Quotes by PowerHopes

1) "Allowing criticisms to have advantage over what you do  will dampen your spirit.

Do the best you can and leave the rest for those who will forever appreciate your efforts, and those who never see any good thing in what you do.

Remember, you'll get motivation from the praises of those who are appreciative of your efforts." -PowerHopes

2) "Don't stop because you failed once. The power to turn your failure to success depends on how STRONG you're. "---PowerHopes

3) "Don't depend on men, they might let you down. Men could be inconsistent, only God is worth relying on."---PowerHopes

4) "Two people will  handle similar  problem differently: while one is panic, and allow fear to overwhelm him, the other person remains calm and focused on finding an answer or solution to the problem at hand."---Kenneth W. Hagin

5) "If you can't do it alone talk to God to be with you."

Compiled by PowerHopes


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