5 Daily Motivational Quotes by PowerHopes

1) "Some have already given up hope. From their point of view, the answers they've been seeking so desperately are nowhere in sight. But the real answers to our questions can be found in God's Word."---Kenneth W. Hagin

2) "Hope and optimism work together. Hope will make you push further, even in the face of challenges. Optimism will make you say, 'It can be done'. Having these make you see positivity in all you do." PowerHopes

3) "Whether he (man) is a victim or victor, depends largely on what he makes of himself."---Richard Longfellow

4) "If God created man in His own image it means I cannot fail, even if I do He's always there to turn my failures to success. " PowerHopes

5) "Committing suicide isn't the solution to your problem; being aggressive to others won't solve it either. Talk to God, He listens, try again and see things falling in place."---PowerHopes

Compiled by PowerHopes


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