5 Daily Motivational Quotes by PowerHopes

1) One big lesson I have learnt from snail is: It doesn't gives up, if it's not killed.

When you block its way while it crawls it'll find an alternative route, even after you hit its eyes or tentacles.

Have you been frustrated over and over by some people around you?

Don't give up, keep trying till you achieve your set goals

2) "In our relationships with our parents or other people, we may have had to perform in a certain way in order to earn their love, but God's love is unconditional, and is freely offered to all who will receive it by faith."---Joyce Meyer

3) "You cannot offer service to God effectively without becoming a disciple and without the important ingredient of consecration."---Pastor E.A Adeboye

4) "The fact that others failed difficult task doesn't mean you won't succeed. Learn from failure of others to achieve success."---PowerHopes

5) "If we hold fast to God's word and believe His promises, He will calm the winds and still the waves."---Kenneth Hagin

Compiled by PowerHopes


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