NpowerNG Facebook Complaints Thread for Unpaid Volunteers in Nigeria | Join this Thread and be Paid NOW

Having NpowerNG Payment problem? Tell N-power your problem on Facebook and be paid

For those Npower volunteers who are yet to be paid, or who have outstanding stipend, here is the solutions to your problem.

One of the  social media channels of N-power has created a thread on its Facebook page, where unpaid volunteers are meant to answer a few questions that will help N-power resolve and process their stipends.

All you need do is: Answer a few questions about your status as a volunteer and the team will get on it.

On the Facebook page of N-power, especially on the Unpaid Volunteer Thread, you're required to answer these questions:

Post your answers in 1 - 5 below.

1. Were you selected as a beneficiary under the N-Power programme?

2. Have you been verified?
3. Were you older than 35 at the time of application?

4. Do you have the qualifications required for your selection?

This essentially means, selected or not, if you don't have the appropriate qualifications, you are not a beneficiary.

5. Have you met with your Focal Person, State and LGA?


N-power is  job initiative programmes of Nigerian government which is targeting 500,000 unemployed Nigerian youths.

In 2016, 200,000 Nigerians were engaged, and currently receiving #30,000 as monthly stipend since December last year.



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