Npower Job Programme has given me sense of belonging in Nigerian polity, says Mohammed Abubakar Adamu, volunteer in Gombe State, Nigeria

One of the volunteers of the job initiative programme of Nigerian government (N-power) says the planning and implementation of the massive job recruitment scheme gives beneficiaries sense of belonging in Nigerian polity.

My name:
I'm Mohammed Abubakar Adamu, N-power volunteer in Gombe State.

Importance of Npower job to Nigerian youths

The job initiative, Npower programs, has been  very very helpful and important to us, it gives us sense of belonging, and we are very proud of our dear country Nigeria.

What I want government to do for Npower Volunteer corps

I want government to increase the allowance of Nteach, and other  volunteers across the country.

I want government to organize a workshop for all the Nteach volunteers because many of us don't really have teaching skills and methods.

My challenges with Npower
I was faced with  the issue of payment, but I was lucky to get paid last two weeks.

I'm still  having pending 5 good months of unpaid and I'm pleading to the officials to pay all pending stipends to us.

My plan before the end of Npower  programme

I'm actually planning to further my education and start good business at the end of the program.

My message to all Npower volunteers in Nigeria

Npower Volunteer Network should concentrate on the task given to them at their various Place of Primary Assignment.

They should put in their best,  work hard in order to jointly  help our country and the president to achieve the set goals and move our nation forward.

We should also continue to pray for Nigeria's unity.

I love npower!

Cheers to my fellow volunteers.

Thank you.

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