NpowerNG directs some 2017 Applicants to REAPPLY | How to successfully Register again

Updated: 17:00 (June 29)

Npower 2017 Recruitment: How to successfully reapply on Npower Online Job Application Portal :

Message from Npower Nigeria this afternoon is that some 2017 applicants will have to reapply.

In this regard, N-power Abuja has begun to send message to the affected applicants in the massive job programme.

Npower disclose this on its Facebook and twitter handle @npower_ng.

"Some people will receive an SMS asking them to reapply for the 2017 N-power programme."

It assured applicants who got the directive that "is from N-power"

"This message is from N-power and we urge everyone who receives the message to reapply before 13th of July, 2017," the announcement reads.

Sample of the message: 

"Thank you for your interest in the 2017 N-Power Programme. However, your application has not been properly processed. We kindly request that you visit and reapply before July 13th 2017."

No reason was given for the directive, but applicants on June 13-June 14 had series of challenges accessing its application portal.

Last week, Npower Solutions reports that those who registered on Npower Portal before July 15 to reapply.

What to do ?
1) Check your email inbox often
2) Read text messages on your phone from now. Don't delete message without reading its content, it night be from Npower
3) Contact Npower Support Centre Line if you're having difficulty

Reapply on  the official website at 

Ignore strange link you're not familiar with.

N-power is a job initiative programme of Nigerian government, which is under the Social Investment Programme of President Muhammadu Buhari-led government.

Already, 200,000 has been engaged, while the ongoing 2017 Application is targeting 300,000 Nigerian youths, who are unemployed.

One of the applicants, Ifeyinwa Bekee, who got the new directive said she's unable to reapply as the portal says, "You're Already Registered." 

Take this quick action if you're unable to reapply: CLEAR CACHE , COOKIES ON THE BROWSER YOU USED FOR APPLICATION EARLIER. 

Taking the above steps depend on the browser you used, but whichever it's you can get things done right now.

If you earlier used UC browser to register, note that Npower cookies is already in there. 


1) Click on the UC app to open 

2)Tap on the menu bar with the dash mark (-)

3)You'll see setting button, click on it.

4) Clicking on that displays font&layout, Text only, cloud boost etc, scroll down to"CLEAR RECORDS "

5) Click on "Clear records"

6) Tick cookies,history, and cache 

7)Finally click on CLEAR to erase all Npower cookies and CACHE on your browser. 

In case you used android browser for your first application, it's advisable to CLEAR its cache before using it to reapply 


1) Click on the android browser to open 

2)  On top of the browser where you have AFL234 (it uploads automatically ),Click on the menu

3) Clicking on that reduces the afl234 web page.

4) Click on menu on your phone to display :New Incognito Tap, Setting, History, Saved Pages 

5) Tap on Setting 

6)You're taken to another  six options Click on PRIVACY & SECURITY 

7)  It displays what to do.

8)Look for CLEAR CACHE and clear it, do the same for cookies, history

That's all!

Begin you fresh Application 

Which browser did you use?

If you got the message to but you are unable to REAPPLY talk to N-power, or let us know.


  1. I registered for npower tax on 28th of June text and I not gotten any message. Is there still any hope of getting it or should i re-applied.

    1. Yes. You'll get SMS even if you're disqualified


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