What is N-Power Nigeria? | What brought about Npower Programme in Nigeria?

If you're still unsure of What N-power is all about, we'll shed more light on it. And what brought about N-power programme in Nigeria.

N-power is a job initiative programme of Nigerian government, which is designed to reduce the rate of youth unemployment among Nigerian graduates.

In a layman's words, N-Power is a programme that is meant to give temporary jobs to Nigerian youths.

What brought about N-Power Programme in Nigeria

The rate of unemployment brought about the idea of N-power job initiative programme.

Who designed N-Power?
All Progressive Congress (APC ) a leading opposition party before 2015 General Elections is the brain behind the job initiative programme.

Prior to that time, the Rate of Unemployment in Nigeria was growing at alarming rate.

Youth unemployment rate in Nigeria moved from 21.50% in the first quarter of 2016 to 24% in the second quarter of 2016, according to Unemployment Statics by Trading Economics

That was what the then APC saw and foresaw the worst unemployment in Nigeria, if no proactive steps weren't taken.

The party included "massive jobs for unemployed Nigerian youths " in its manifestoes, it's even one of the major cardinal programmes it promised to implement under the Social Investment Programme (SIP).

APC won the presidential election with its flag bearer Muhammadu Buhari sworn in on May 29, 2015, while a law professor Yemi Osinbajo was also sworn in as vice president.
On coming on board, the implementation of SIP was put under the office of the vice president. 

Duration of Npower Nigeria
N-power job lasts for two years.

Responsibility of N-Power Nigeria

What it's meant to achieve are:
1) To reduce youth unemployment

2) To empower participants, who are called Npower Volunteers before the end of two-year duration of the programme

3) To give Nigerians sense of belonging in the polity of Nigeria's affairs

4) To have exact figure of unemployed Nigerians. Even if not exact, the application process will give government an idea of what unemployment is like in Nigeria among the youths.

N-power Nigeria has hyphen between the "N" and the "Power"

Official website of N-power is www.npower.gov.ng

Another Npower you find on the web ,without hyphen is a UK-based energy firm.


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