Npower2016 Waiting List Vs N-power 2017 Application which should I choose?


Selected from N-power 2016 waiting list, can I continue with 2017 application process?

There are some applicants who wrote online assessment test during the N-power 2016 registration process, but were unlucky to make the first batch of 200,000 successful persons shortlisted.

Most of them were hopeful that second batch would be released, unfortunately that wasn’t forthcoming till NpowerNG portal opened for 2017 application process.

Some of them had applied until they got SMS saying, “You have been selected from the waiting list of 2016 application process.”

Question some of these affected people ask is: Can I continue with N-power 2017 application process even though I’ve got a waiting list SMS?

Check the analysis below. We believe after reading you should be able to take decision that suits you.

Your 2016 Application with N-power is valid

For you to have gotten into the NpowerNG waiting List means that your detail with the scheme is intact. Your BVN and reference number is still with N-power archive.

Continuing with the 2017 application process will be seen as double registration, and N-power has the final decision to remove one. What of if you’re removed from the waiting list and given the will to continue with 2017 and unfortunately (no one hopes for that) you failed the ongoing (or just concluded online test)?

You’re taking 50-50 risk

If you continue with the 2017 application process, chances are that you’re seen as been fraudulent.

You’ve got SMS telling you that you’re on waiting list, but still trying to continue with another list. You’re at risk of losing the two if you’re unlucky. You might as well be lucky, anyway.

Remember, the status on your N-power profile as WAITING might either be removed or you’re completely deleted from the entire system.

That’s double registration, you might have heard that some persons were successful with double registration in 2016, some were also unlucky, but they won’t come to say the truth about why they’re disqualified in the open.

Note that N-power has stepped up the security wall of application and you might just be unlucky if you engage yourself in such registration fraud.

You passed 2016 online test of N-power

Making the 2016 waiting list also means that you passed the online assessment test conducted then. That’s why you’re not required or mandated to even write the 2017 assessment test in the first place.

Why not stick with that and wait for further instruction from the recruitment team?

If I were in your shoe

If I were you I’d stick with the 2016 waiting list since I’ve been contacted, since it means I was picked from the tens of thousands other names who wrote the test.

The only thing you’re waiting for now is the N-power 2017 Physical Verification Exercise, which would be communicated to you when the ongoing test is completed.

It worth the wait, or what do you think?

The programme plans to onboard you with the 2017 applicants at the appropriate time.

The final decision rests on you.

Also, remember that mechanism is in place for N-power to easily detect double application in the ongoing 2017 recruitment process.

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  1. U talked about not been selected because not all pass the test, some people did not write the text at all and their names came out.As at last year npower site was bad, so many people could not finish their text cause the site was so bad.even me I could not.some could not log in and their shortlisted so what are you talking about not meeting up.

  2. Hi,

    Please, can re-state your point? I can't clearly get what you're talking about.


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