Npower to use Random Algorithm for 2017 Selection Process | Facebook Live Chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede

The Presidential Aid to the President, Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede, has revealed that random algorithm will employed in the 2017 N-power Recruitment process.

He made the declaration on October 5, 2017 in a Facebook Live Chat with volunteers, who were eager to know their application status in the second phase of the recruitment that is believed to have the highest number of applications in any government job vacancies in recent years.

If you haven't watched the video, see it below:

What is Random Algorithm

Random Algorithm is a computer programming that employs a degree of randomness as part of its logic.

The algorithm typically uses uniformly random bits as an auxiliary input to guide its behavior, in the hope of achieving good performance in the "average case" over all possible choices of random bits.

Formally, the algorithm's performance will be a random variable determined by the random bits; thus either the running time, or the output (or both) are random variables.

The system is believed to be one of the fastest selection process that could be employed in any application that experienced large volume of applications.

How does a computer generate random number?

According to How To Geek, “Computers generate random number for everything from cryptography to video games and gambling. There are two categories of random numbers — “true” random numbers and pseudorandom numbers — and the difference is important for the security of encryption systems”

The system is also believed to be controversial recently, “with many people questioning whether Intel’s built-in hardware random number generator chip is trustworthy.

To understand why it might not be trustworthy, you’ll have to understand how random numbers are genreated in the first place, and what they’re used for.”

What are random numbers used for?

Read more on How-To-Geek

Do Applicants have to worry about Random Algorithm?

Those who applied during the 2017 registration process have no reason to worry over the selection process.

Using random algorithm is not new to international recruitment agencies where they’d have to deal with millions of applications within weeks. Using it in N-power recruitment process should not be a source of concern for applicants.

No one expects a recruitment firm to manually select from millions of applications.

And before N-power could implement the result it gets from random algorithm, it will have to put some other selection criteria into consideration which we at NpowerNG Solutions believe will be fair to every geo-political zones of the country.

So, Whether Random Algorithm is controversial among computer programmers or not, hopes are high that N-power will also put a lot of things into consideration to make sure it reflects Federal Character.

What is Federal Character?

The “federal character” principle, which has been enshrined in Nigeria's Constitution since 1979, seeks to ensure that appointments to public service institutions fairly reflect the linguistic, ethnic, religious, and geographic diversity of the country.


  1. Dear Sir,I only got two months allowance since we begin the program, please help me to be successful

  2. Hello Jibril, this is a personal blog which isn't affiliated to N-power.

    However, you can send your complaints to your issue would be attended to.

    Thanks for getting in touch. Keep visiting this blog for updates about N-power updates and analysis


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