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Pre-selected NpowerNG 2017 to know Verification Centres December 1

Information on NpowerNG 2017 physical verification centres will be released December 1, 2017, the team said on its social media.
It  urged the preselected applicants to stay tuned. The message reads: Dear 2017 pre-selected applicants,
Everything you need to know about Physical Verification will be shared on our Social Media Channels on the 1st of December, 2017.

NpowerNG 2016 waiting list physical verification

If you're sent a text message earlier this that you've been pre-selected it's time to join the next batch whose physical verification begins December 4 through 14.If you were sent an SMS saying you are on the 2016 waiting list please join the Physical Verification Exercise between December 4th -14th.Please report at accredited verification centre in your local government of residence.

8 NpowerNG Social Media Channels

As we told you in our previous posts NpowerNG is actively present on virtually all the major social media channels in Nigeria. Check the photo below:

Truant #NpowerNG Volunteers risk dismissal

N-power has warned that any existing beneficiaries who refuse to report to their place of work could be dismissed from the scheme. It issued the strong warning on its social media platforms.The communique reads:Dear Existing Beneficiaries,
It has come to our attention that existing beneficiaries are refusing to show up at work.Please understand that if anyone is caught, they will be instantly dismissed from #NPowerNG , there are thousands ready to take your place and do the work.Existing FCT/Abuja beneficiaries, reports from our monitors reveal that some of you are joking around and refusing to show up for work.Adjust or face immediate dismissal from the programme.

Vacancy for Senior Data Scientist at Bit4G

Bit4G is growing and we're looking for some brilliant, exceptionally talented minds in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Mathematics and Finance to join our team.If your talents align with our vision and you believe that you have what it takes to join this team, drop us a line at It will not be easy, but it will be totally worth it.We're currently hiring for the  position of Senior Data Scientist .All positions are based out of Inverness (Scotland) office. Contact Us to know more about any of these.SENIOR DATA SCIENTIST
1 position openDescription
Work directly with our lead data scientist to work on sophisticated mathematical models to enhance algorithmic performance.ABOUT BIT4G
Bit4G is an advanced, cryptocurrency based growth fund, lending and staking platform.This platform is the culmination of a long-standing dream - To bring the magic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the world of trading, and make it accessible to the masses.At …

Business Development Officer needed at a Real Estate

Job Summary:
The BDM will look after apartment building, rooftop sites, and residential estate projects where the company has installations on its own cost and make sure it is operational and in good working condition, and generate incremental revenues from such installations every month as per business plan.

The incumbent will work in close coordination with Facility Managers and will directly report to HoS of the location.

Qualification & Requirements:
• BSc/HND in Business Administration, or other related discipline is preferred.
• Previous experience of at least 5 years in real estate sales, or engaging with facility management companies.

Job Description:
• Ensure residents are satisfied, and liaise with Estate/Facility Manager to get new users of our services.

• Work out details of prospective and existing residents, assess their needs, offer service as POC, handhold them during test period and persuade them to prefer higher tariffs/unlimited plans.

• Work with residents, Fac…

Sales Associate needed at Pharmaceutical firm, Lagos

If you have any of the following qualifications ND, HND and BSC,  then I congratulate you in advance.

Your services is preferably needed if your certificate is in any of the life science discipline.

You are needed for employment in a leading retail pharmaceutical company as a sales associate.

Candidates who reside around Isolo, Okota axis or its environments are preferable. Please send CV to thanks


Npower2017 Physical Verification Date: Dec.4-Dec.14 2017

Physical Verification for 2017 pre-selected applicants will now hold between December 4th and 14th, 2017, NpowerNG said on Its social media channels. Those to be verified include the 300,000 applicants that have been pre-selected, and those who applied in 2016 but later got text message this year that they've been selected. NpowerNG will further release more information about this and location of physical verification centres in all the 36 states, local governments in the country .Stay tuned!

NpowerNG2017: Number of Application Received From Each State

Here is the breakdown of applications received from each state of the federation during application process. 2,543,079 applied 2,258,266 had the bvn verified and matched 1,746,454 wrote the online test and at the end 300,000 were shortlisted. 
Highest application came from Lagos State. NpowerNG 2017 Application breakdown by 36 states plus FCT, AbujaKaduna: 33,039Jigawa :113,960Kano: 97,748Katsina: 40,742Kebbi: 30,975Sokoto: 22,501Zamfara : 32,186FCT, Abuja : 120,196Benue: 89,734Kogi: 61,789Kwara :77,336Nassarawa: 72,732Niger: 73,236Plateau :68,955Ekiti: 37,594Lagos: 174,994 that’s the highestOgun: 74,940Ondo: 69,224Osun: 87,281Oyo: 133,281Adamawa: Over 50,000Bauchi: Close to 52,000Borno: Over 55,000Gombe: Close to 28,000Taraba: Not clear enoughYobe: Over 32,000Abia: Over 54,000Anambra : Over 61,000Ebonyi: Over 39,000Imo: Over 60,000Akwa Ibom: 58,143Bayelsa: 23,659Cross River: 49,596Delta: 106,509Edo: 63,507Rivers: 145,773Enugu: Over 81,000We congratulate those who made the final list.

5 Top Reasons Why NpowerNG2017 Was Competitive

According to N-power there's unprecedented surge in the number of 2017 application compared to NpowerNG 2016So why is NpowerNG 2017 competitive?Here are the five top reasons why NpowerNG 2017 was competitive That’s simple.1) Trust in the NpowerNG job scheme During the 2016 application process no one ever believed that a federal job program or application could be fair without political influence.But it was fair and the world was amazed that such is happening in Nigeria for the first time.2) Promise fulfilled Second, the federal government promised that the 200,000 successful volunteers would be paid N30,000 each per month. And they began the payment beginning from December 2016. Meaning the FG started paying 6billion Nigerian Naira per month to the successful applicants.3) High application received in 2017The number of applications in 2016 was low because people thought it’s a usual business. Nigerians had their hopes dashed in the past administrations. There was lack of trust unt…

Npower2017 Pre-selection: How 300,000 Applicants made the list

N-power has said two million, five hundred and forty three thousand, and seventy nine unemployed Nigerians applied for the 2017 recruitment. N-power said this on its social media channels on Thursday to clarify how the 300,000 that made the final list was pre-selected. The N-Power programme commenced in 2016. The first 200,000 N-Power beneficiaries were selected from 350,000 Graduate applications.In 2017, the N-Power portal opened up for Graduate applications on the 13th of June.Applications received were 403% more than the Graduate applications received in 2016.As at the time, the application process closed in July 27th, 2017, 2,543,079 people had applied for the N-Power Graduate Programmes.In 2017, N-Power is committed to improving on the lessons learnt in 2016.To avoid some payment issues that plague(d) the 2016 beneficiaries, the BVN validation stage was introduced.Here, applicants whose names didn’t match their BVN were precluded from proceeding to the Assessment Test phase stage…

NpowerNG2017 Pre-selection Criteria

In selecting the 300,000, which was released two days ago, N-power explained that it  took the following into consideration:1. BVN Validation and Online AssessmentAnyone who was verified for bvn automatically qualified to write the online assessment. But not all those who wrote the test were pre-selected considering the available spots for the large number of qualified applicants. 2. Achieving equityThis is one of the criteria put into consideration by the Federal Government when appointment and distributing federal slots for job. Call it Federal Character if you like. 3. Linking selection to population using Federal Constituencies4. Addressing Demand Distribution of Unemployed Graduates5. Taking into account, Deployment/Utilization issues from 20166. Correcting Deployment/Utilization challenges among 2016 N-Power beneficiaries7. Rural-Urban Distribution Balance.Priority was given to the Rural Areas especially N-Agro applicants8. Programme Allocation – Teach/Agric/HealthAt the end, 30…

NpowerNG2017 List:Got Congrats Text Message but name not on website, Which do i believe and follow?

Between you've not been pre-selected and pre-selection Congratulatory message which one does one believe? Due to huge traffic to Npower 2017  pre-selection website, most of the applicants aren't finding it funny as they couldn't find their name on the website. But the good news is that most of those who have checked and dejected on the website are now getting congratulatory message that "you've been selected."See sample below: "Congratulations! You have been Pre-selected for the N-Power Program. Further Details will be provided to you on next steps.
N-Power Team!"The above message is what one of our followers got this morning, though the applicants got a disappointing message on the website. What to do if you got the two:
If you got the SMS congratulating you then we say Congratulations! 
Please follow the text message. If you've not got SMS If what you got on the Npowerng website is: "You've not been pre-selected for Npowerng 2017&quo…

Check NpowerNG 2017 Pre-selected list here:

If you've not been able to check your name on NpowerNG portal for the 2017 Pre-selection list it could be due to huge traffic to the website. Use the procedures below to check your name: Pre-selection option now showing

1) Click on Pre-selection List by the top right hand side of your device, depending on the device you're using anyway

Use this link

2) An empty space to enter either your phone number or BVN comes up

3) Enter either of your bvn or phone number

4) Click on Goog luck button and wait for the search to complete.

Check the list of scholarship you can apply for
If your name is there it comes up, if it's not what you see is: "You're not pre-selected for Npower 2017 Pre-selection List" If you see 504 Bad Gateway just keep refreshing. 
All the BEST guys.

Good job Npower Team

How to Check NpowerNG 2017 List

Did you apply during the 2017 N-power recruitment exercise? N-power 2017 list has been released on the official website of the job initiative programme of the Federal Government. You'd be able to check the 2017 Npower successful list beginning from 11:30PM November 20, 2017 (today). Follow the steps below to check if you made the pre-selection list Step 1:
Login to the official website on Step 2:
Click on Check your pre-selected status Step 3:
In the search box, type in your name or phone number or e-mail address or BVN Step 4:
If you have been pre-selected, your name will pop up Step 5:
You will receive an SMS and email congratulating you on your pre-selection. Ste 6:
Next you prepare for physical verification between November 27th-December 8th, 2017. N-power is the job initiative programme of Nigeria's government, which kick started 2016 with the aim of temporarily engaging 500, 000 unemployed Nigerian yout…

NpowerNG partners MobileForms Africa for Volunteers to earn extra money as data collection agents

In a bid to empower young people in Nigeria, N-power has partnered with Mobile FormsAfrica, a  leading data collection organization in Africa to develop skills and also create a more sustainable income for the N-Power beneficiaries. Npower volunteers can begin to earn extra cash by downloading  Mobile Form app.The app affords you the opportunity to work as a Data collection agent for Blue chip Organizations and you get paid for the job successfully carried out.There's even more opportunity for you if you have marketing and sales experience, you could market for international conglomerates and get paid. How It Works1. Download the Mobile Forms App Visit the Google Play store.
2. Install the app on your N-power device or any other smartphone you're using.3. Tap on it to launch, and click on sign up .You only need the following to sign up:Valid email address you have access to
Set up your password
Your first name and last name
Your phone number 4. And click on sign up.5. Now use …

Npower2017 List out November 20

Names of successful applicants for the N-power 2017 will be out on Monday, November 20, the job initiative team says on its social media channels. "We promised you that you would be the first to know and we have kept that promise."From 11.30pm Monday, November 20th, 2017 applicants can check if they have been pre-selected for Physical Verification.
NPower NG remains committed to a fair and transparent process."Those who applied for N-Teach, N-Health, and N-Agro will be able to check their names on the official website of the job scheme. We'll keep you updated.

Ebonyi N-power Volunteers Welcome President Buhari

N-power volunteers in Ebonyi State on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 welcomed President Muhammadu Buhari to the state.President Buhari is on an official visit, the first such trip since he took office in 2015.The volunteers were seen carrying placard with the inscription, "Welcome to the Salt of the Nation, Mr President " and others showing their joy to welcome Buhari. In the South-east state, the president called for unity among Nigerians and promised more developmental projects for the region.Here is his full speech delivered in the state capital, Abakaliki.SPEECH DELIVERED BY HIS EXCELLENCY, PRESIDENT MUHAMMADU BUHARI, PRESIDENT, FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA, AT THE STATE VISIT TO EBONYI ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2017, AT THE ABAKALIKI TOWNSHIP STADIUMPROTOCOLS:I am delighted to be in Abakiliki today to interact with the good people of this State and indeed, the South East (Ndigbo) region as a whole.2. I want to express my gratitude to Ndi Ebonyi for their hospitality and warm …

Anambra Election: N-Build Physical Verification Postponed

N-power Build physical verification for the successful applicants of the job initiative programme of the Federal Government has been postponed in Anambra State. The postponement is due to the forthcoming Governorship Election holding on November 18, 2017.One of the N-Build shortlisted candidates told NpowerNGSolutions that he wasn't able to verify at the centre. "I was told the verification will start immediately after the election."But I don't really know if N-power Team in Abuja is aware of this development."In one of N-power Facebook replies, it says it's aware of the postponement, saying it has received communication from its Anambra centres. Governorship Election will be conducted on November 18, where 37 political parties and candidates are expected to participate in the electionDuring the last debate organised by Nigeria's No.1 News TV, Channels, only the candidates of the five major parties took part in the debate.The participating candidates wer…

NpowerNG Device Support Email:

Do you have any complaint about the ongoing distribution and collection of Npower devices? If you answered in affirmative then you can send your complaint to right away. If you have any of the under listed complaints you might want to reach out to N-power Device Tablet Support Centre: 1) If in your state the location centre says it no longer gives devices out to volunteers then you'll need to contact Npower tablet support centre 2) If your device doesn't come with the free monthly 750MB then you can reach out to devicesupport@npvn.ng3) If the repair and Support centre for your device denies having any partnership with N-power as regards maintenance then you'll need to contact N-power for solution using the above email. 4) If for any reason you've not gotten SMS for your device collection maybe as a result of lost of your registered phone number, then contact for support. But note that SMS is sent out in batches. 5) If you los…

#NpowerNG: N-Build Physical Verification Requirements

#NpowerBuild | #NpowerNG

Physical verification for the N-power Build commences on November 13, 2017 nationwide, so what is required for N-Build successful applicants?
Identification Card which shows your name. Acceptable ID cards include Driver’s Licence, National ID Card, INEC Voter’s Card, International Passport.Birth Certificate which corroborate your age.Proof of address of residence

Beneficiaries are urged to attend the physical verification as anyone who failed to attend the physical verification exercise will automatically be disqualified.

#NpowerNG: Codes for Checking Npower Data Balance and Account Balance | How to Recharge your N-power MTN Line

Going by the planning and implementation of N-Power job initiative programme, the scheme is the best in the history of Nigerian government.
It is also using technology through electronic gadgets, N-power device, given to volunteers The devices contain free monthly internet connection, 750MB per month, N250 free call credit monthly. That's cool. Isn't it?
Codes to check your data balance, account balance and recharge your line are slightly unique and different from What others use in the market.
N-power data balance code is specifically designed for beneficiaries of the programme. So how do you carry out all these tasks on your N-power dedicated lines?
How TO CHECK N-POWER ACCOUNT BALANCE To check your account balance on your N-power mtn line ,dial *558# and send and you'd see your call credit balance. The tariff on the line is extremely low. If you're prudent enough, call when it's imperative, the N250 should be enough to manage for the month.

#NpowerNG: N-Build Carpentry and joinery: Primary Difference and Expectations

Carpentry and Joinery is one of the components of N-power Build which verification and subsequent training keeps off soon. While most of volunteers are familiar with carpentry, Joinery may however be strange to those who didn't have technical school experience. One might Ask: What would they be doing? What's the difference between Carpentry and Joinery? According to Jims Building Maintenance, Carpentry and Joinery  "are used interchangeably, but there are some differences between both jobs, so they should not be used to replace each other." The designer of the n-power programme specifically know What drives an economy and have perfect understanding of each of programme. Let's take a look what Carpentry is about: "Carpentry is the process of creating or repairing wood items in your home." What is Joinery? "Joinery is the process of working with the joints of the home including the joint areas of windows, trusses, and the like." C…

N-Build Automobile Analysis and expectations

#NpowerBuild Automobile is one of the seven components of N-Build, a non-graduate programme of the job initiative scheme of the federal government dubbed N-power. The automobile has to do with four-wheel means of transportation, but this also includes the locomotive vehicles.Called applicants under this category auto mechanics you won't be wrong, but we expect to see these people using advanced technology and computer to resolve vehicular faults.They may further be trained  in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles. They will be involved in automobile industry.So What exactly would they be doing?
We're optimistic that the programme would be a life changing opportunity for the successful ones because they'd be trained in accredited automotive garages and repair shops.Don't also forget that this can be divided into following categories, according Wikipedia:
The auto parts stores or motor-factors that also maintain service operat…

#NpowerNG: N-Build Begins Physical Verification November 13 | Components of Npower Build

#NpowerBuild | #NpowerNG
Physical verification for Npower Build successful applicants will commence on Monday, November 13, 2017 across Nigeria, N-power said in its social media channels.
N-Build is one of the sub categories of non-graduate programme of the government's job initiative programme.
The successful applicants applied in 2016 , but delay in releasing their list could be attributed to plans of the Federal Government to get relevant training sections for them.
According to N-power, selected applicants would be trained in seven components.
They include:
1) Automobile
2) Carpentry and Joinery
3) Electrical Installation
4) Masonry
5) Painting and Decoration
6) Plumbing and Pipefitting
7) Welding and Fabrication
Remember Physical Verification for N-Power Build commences on Monday. Note that the physical verification is one of the qualifying criteria which must be fulfilled by shortlisted applicants.
Failure to partake in the physical verification is an automatic disqualifi…

MTN Osogbo Device Collection Fraud: N-power changes collection centre to Mosab Mega Hall

The job initiative of the Federal Government, N-power, has changed collection of devices to Mosab Megal Hall, Osogbo, Osun State.
The decision to change the collection centre followed the fraud perpetrated by some officials of the telecommunication company at its branch office, Osogbo where volunteers were mandated to pay the sum of N1,000 before they could collect their device.
In a latest text message sent to the affected volunteers, they are will now do so at Mosab Mega Hall.
The message reads: Dear volunteer, your device is ready for pick up. Be at Mosab Mega Hall, Ring road, Opposite NASFAT centre, Osogbo 9am- 4pm on 09/11/2017. Kindly come with your B.V.N slip, valid ID card, your pickup SMS and a pen. Please be punctual.
Osun Npower Device Collection: Inside MTN Office, Osogbowhere Volunteers are Forced to Pay N1,000 for Tablet CollectionN-power Device Collection which was meant to be free nationwide has turned to an avenue for MTN Osogbo Branch to extort money from volunteers who w…

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