Check NpowerNG 2017 Pre-selected list here:

If you've not been able to check your name on NpowerNG portal for the 2017 Pre-selection list it could be due to huge traffic to the website.
Use the procedures below to check your name:
Pre-selection option now showing

1) Click on Pre-selection List by the top right hand side of your device, depending on the device you're using anyway

Use this link

2) An empty space to enter either your phone number or BVN comes up

3) Enter either of your bvn or phone number

4) Click on Goog luck button and wait for the search to complete.

Check the list of scholarship you can apply for

If your name is there it comes up, if it's not what you see is:
"You're not pre-selected for Npower 2017 Pre-selection List"
If you see 504 Bad Gateway just keep refreshing. 

All the BEST guys.

Good job Npower Team


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