N-Build Automobile Analysis and expectations


Automobile is one of the seven components of N-Build, a non-graduate programme of the job initiative scheme of the federal government dubbed N-power.

The automobile has to do with four-wheel means of transportation, but this also includes the locomotive vehicles.

Called applicants under this category auto mechanics you won't be wrong, but we expect to see these people using advanced technology and computer to resolve vehicular faults.

They may further be trained  in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles. They will be involved in automobile industry.

So What exactly would they be doing?
We're optimistic that the programme would be a life changing opportunity for the successful ones because they'd be trained in accredited automotive garages and repair shops.

Don't also forget that this can be divided into following categories, according Wikipedia:
The auto parts stores or motor-factors that also maintain service operations.

This is more common in the US , but hope see more innovation as this N-build automobile keeps off.

We also have automobile repair workshops that are independently owned and operated businesses.

N-build training is expected to build the beneficiary's confidence and technical know how to have and operate their workshops.

Call it  a division of labour then you are right , we  also expect to see the volunteers train in specialty automobile repair shops which are shops specializing in certain parts .

These parts include:
1) brakes,
2) mufflers and exhaust systems, 3) transmissions,
4) body parts,
5) automobile electrification ,
6) automotive air conditioner repairs,
7) automotive glass repairs and installation, and
8) wheel alignment or those who only work on certain brands of vehicle or vehicles from certain continents of the world.

There are also automotive repair shops that specialize in vehicle modifications and customization.

Oftentimes, various specialized auto repair shops will have varied infrastructure and facilities (for specific jobs or vehicles), as well as technicians and mechanics with different qualifications.

Congratulations to all the successful applicants of the N-power Build and we hope they'd make good use of the program.

The program is expected to see them stand independent after their training.

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