NpowerNG2017 List:Got Congrats Text Message but name not on website, Which do i believe and follow?

Between you've not been pre-selected and pre-selection Congratulatory message which one does one believe?

Due to huge traffic to Npower 2017  pre-selection website, most of the applicants aren't finding it funny as they couldn't find their name on the website.

But the good news is that most of those who have checked and dejected on the website are now getting congratulatory message that "you've been selected."

See sample below:

"Congratulations! You have been Pre-selected for the N-Power Program. Further Details will be provided to you on next steps.
N-Power Team!"

The above message is what one of our followers got this morning, though the applicants got a disappointing message on the website.

What to do if you got the two:
If you got the SMS congratulating you then we say Congratulations! 
Please follow the text message.

If you've not got SMS

If what you got on the Npowerng website is: "You've not been pre-selected for Npowerng 2017" keep calm.

The next SMS could be from Npower congratulating you.

Kudos to NpowerNG 2017 Team and the brains behind the idea.

Nigeria is moving towards prosperity. A step at a time.


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