NpowerNG2017 Pre-selection Criteria

In selecting the 300,000, which was released two days ago, N-power explained that it  took the following into consideration:

1. BVN Validation and Online Assessment

Anyone who was verified for bvn automatically qualified to write the online assessment. But not all those who wrote the test were pre-selected considering the available spots for the large number of qualified applicants.

2. Achieving equity

This is one of the criteria put into consideration by the Federal Government when appointment and distributing federal slots for job. Call it Federal Character if you like.

3. Linking selection to population using Federal Constituencies

4. Addressing Demand Distribution of Unemployed Graduates

5. Taking into account, Deployment/Utilization issues from 2016

6. Correcting Deployment/Utilization challenges among 2016 N-Power beneficiaries

7. Rural-Urban Distribution Balance.

Priority was given to the Rural Areas especially N-Agro applicants

8. Programme Allocation – Teach/Agric/Health

At the end, 300,000 have been pre-selected for the physical verification stage.

Applicants and the General Public must note that pre-selection does not equate Final selection.

All the BEST!


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