5 Top Reasons Why NpowerNG2017 Was Competitive

According to N-power there's unprecedented surge in the number of 2017 application compared to NpowerNG 2016

So why is NpowerNG 2017 competitive?

Here are the five top reasons why NpowerNG 2017 was competitive

That’s simple.

1) Trust in the NpowerNG job scheme

During the 2016 application process no one ever believed that a federal job program or application could be fair without political influence.

But it was fair and the world was amazed that such is happening in Nigeria for the first time.

2) Promise fulfilled

Second, the federal government promised that the 200,000 successful volunteers would be paid N30,000 each per month.

And they began the payment beginning from December 2016. Meaning the FG started paying 6billion Nigerian Naira per month to the successful applicants.

3) High application received in 2017

The number of applications in 2016 was low because people thought it’s a usual business.

Nigerians had their hopes dashed in the past administrations. There was lack of trust until the government started paying.

4) NpowerNG Device Tablets

Another reason for the large turn out of applications in the 2017 is the promise fulfilled about the Npowerng device tablets given out to its first batch of 2016 applicants.

5) Increase in the number of unemployment in 2017 compared to 2016

The surge could also be attributed to the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria.

It shows that the number of available jobs are not sufficient for the number of qualified graduates we churn out every year.

Whether we like it or not, FG should be given the kudos for the innovative idea.

Unemployment would have reduced to some level if beginning from 1999 this kind of program had started.

Accumulation of unemployment started long time ago.

Kudos the FG job initiative.


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