#NpowerNG: How to Manage Power Consumption on N-power Device Tablet

Several reasons may be responsible for the quick draining of your N-power tablet battery, or why your device’s battery runs down quickly.

Do you know that you can actually save power consumption by closing all unused apps, and by activating save mode app?

How to achieve this
Your device comes with Android Power Efficiency App, this enables you to preserve power when you’re not on it.

Let assume your power would normally lasts for 14H02min.

Tap on the app, activate the advanced power saving mode
Click on confirm

It brings up a very cool screen resolution mode and you’d see that the power would now last for 18H57min

Click on confirm

To deactivate this, there’s an arrow by the top right hand corner of your screen, click on it to gain access to the full feature of your device.

Better still, you can reduce the screen resolution of your device to save power. Brightness of your screen consumes more battery, reduce it.


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