The Royal Wedding - Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

A big and fantastic Royal Wedding will be coming up on 19th of May 2018, and guess what? It’s between the Prince of  United Kingdom, Prince Harry and a celebrity and an actress Meghan Markle.

It's therefore going to be wonderful and exceptional. The royal wedding will be taken place at St George castle where the prince will finally be the husband of a princess.

The preparation for the upcoming event as been tagged, "UK Royal Wedding 2018" 

It is no longer a secret what is going to happen on the fantastic day as the couple to be express their happiness and sincerity towards the wedding.

Prince Harry Bio
The heir to the throne of the British is Prince Harry Charles Albert David, born September 15, 1984 at St.Mary Hospital, London.

His father is Prince Charles and his mother’s name is Diana who was the princess of Wales when he was still alive. The  successor of the throne is therefore Harry.

Prince Harry is the youngest of the children of Prince Charles and his mother who is late now was Princess Diana, also known as the Princess of Wales. Prince Harry spent 10 years in the military and he was a captain in the army.

Meghan Markle Bio
Meghan who was born on 4th day of the month of August in the year 1981 in Los Angeles. She is an actress popularly known in the movie Remember Me in 2010, Horrible Bosses in 2011, and A lot like Love in 2005.

Meghan will be a part of the British royal family as she is about getting married to the prince soonest. She was formally the wife of Trevor Engels on but got divorced in 2013.

She has been Harry girlfriend since 2016 and now she is going to be a wife of the British royal prince . She will eventually become a duchess after saying her vow. This will be done according to the tradition that the Prince will receive a title Duke Sussex and the princess will be the Duchess of Sussex . 

Invited  Guest
The  date of the wedding has been declared a public holiday for the citizens of British. That is to say, something spectacular and superior will be happening that day.

Indeed, we expect to witness a surge in flights booking, and Virgin Atlantic should be a great option considering its track record in United Kingdom and across the globe.

Important people of high standards will be present there, princes, royals wedding souvenir Kleinfled who is a designer, Pal Priyanka Chopra, Kate Middleton, her Hollywood friends, Harry friends.

The wedding is expected to be a convergence of celebrities and heavyweight politicians around the World.

Some of them include Michelle and Barrack Obama who is a long time friend of Prince Harry, Patrick J. Adams, Son of Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, they are family friend with the royals, Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne, a friend to Harry, Robbie is a royal model, she will definitely be invited, Mulroney a stylist who is Markle friend, Nanoo a friend to the bride to be, she is also a designer, Harry friend West.

A singer Bad girl Ri RI, Stewart and Prince Charles,  Cold play lead singer, Blunt who serve in the army with Harry, a stage performance Goulding, Harry school friends, Markle gangs and so on. 

The Location Of The Wedding
The wedding location has been announced to be at St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle is about 23 miles west of London's Kensington Palace with a capacity of 800 according to people report.

St. George’s Chapel hosted royal weddings like the wedding of the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) with Princess Alexandria of Denmark in the year 1863, also , wedding of Peter Philipps (Eugenie’s cousin) and Autumn Kelly’s wedding in year 2008, Prince Edward (Eugenie’s uncle) and Sophie Rhys-Jones’ wedding in 1999, and Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles’ marriage blessing in 2005.  

The royal wedding date has been fixed for  May 19, and the entire World is on the look out to witness and watch one of the most powerful and influential weddings in 2018.

As expected, their Nigerian fans will also be enjoying Cheap flights from Lagos to London to witness the occasion live. 


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