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Osun N-power Deployment Letter Printing on

Printing of Osun N-power deployment letter can now be done on a special portal for the 2017 beneficiaries.
 By simply entering your phone number on the Osun N-power portal, you are on your way to printing your deployment letter.
Osun N-power deployment letter has be done in such a way that your address was used to deploy you to the nearest PPA, to save cost.
In the letter, Osun State Focal Person, Mrs. Idiat Babalola, writes in a congratulatory message to beneficiaries of the programme in Osun thus:
“You are expected to report to the Head of the Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) as indicated above with immediate effect.”
How to print Osun N-power Deployment Letter
Step 1:
Enter the url address to the browser of your choice, preferably Mozilla, Chrome, Explorer:
Step 2: Enter your registered phone number because N-power already sent your number to Osun, and Osun has everything on its N-power portal at this moment for the 2017 beneficiaries.
Step 3: It take…

Casual Dating is Fun with These Most Important Tips

My first experience with casual dating was fun. Everyone at a time passed through that dating journey, but I’ve compiled some personal experiences I had which made it fun.

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