Casual Dating is Fun with These Most Important Tips

My first experience with casual dating was fun. Everyone at a time passed through that dating journey, but I’ve compiled some personal experiences I had which made it fun.
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Let’s get one thing right about casual dating: it’s one of the means of getting over an ex.

It is also a way of spending the night away with a date, and most importantly for widow or widower to have some beautiful moments with someone who has the same goal as you.

Discuss the relationship with your partner

To get the best out of casual dating, you need to be honest with your partner. Talk things out whether you want to be romantically involved or just want to engage in casual sex dating.

One question my partner and I asked ourselves sometimes ago is: “Can we make this casual? What’s the point in starting in a casual relationship if you don't want to keep it casual?

Without mincing words, casual dating is much more complicated than normal dating, but to have the maximum fun follow the rules.

Make Your Conversations Casual

It’s casual and you’re not meant to attach anything unless you want to take a step further. The goal is mostly the fun and beautiful moments shared together.

In this case, there is no much to discuss except for the arranging of your next hang-out, which could even be in form of excursion or spend some time together at a club down the street.

Occasional phone calls and 24 hours chat should be cut off unless someone wants something bigger than a mere casual relationship.

See and treat your partners as independent beings

You are most likely to date a few partners since it’s casual, no strings attach, even as you do this don’t allow jealousy to set in.

Make him or her enjoy the best moment you’re together. Complaint is never a part of casual dating, avoid it since there is no commitment.

Your partners are not your property, so the best way to stay away from commitment is considering your partners as absolutely independent beings.

Differentiate between a casual date and a friend

You are not lovers, always remember that. Your lover is your best friend who you can text and discuss virtually anything with.

But that’s not the case in casual relationship, the moment you start texting and chatting 24/7 emotions will set in, and you may be on the path of killing the casual appeal of your relationship.

This could harm your casual relationship if your partner wants to keep it casual, SIMPLE, while you’re letting too much emotions to set in, you’ll definitely scare off your partner.

Avoid introducing your casual date to your family and friends

Another way to have the absolute fun in a casual dating is by letting the relationship be between both of you. ALONE!

Don’t bring your family and friends into the picture since it’s a No Strings Dating.

Above all, play by the rules and enjoy the fun while it last. Remember joy is contagious, even if it’s an hour, choose a partner that makes you smile.


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