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How to WIN 1 Million in N-Power Impact Series Competition 2018

You can win one million Naira or two hundred and fifty thousand Naira, or one hundred thousand Naira in the latest N-Power Impact Series Competitiondesigned for N-Power beneficiaries in Nigeria.

Already, the competition also known as N-Power Social Media Competition started on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 nationwide.
In this guide you how you can win N-Power’s 1 million Naira through the impact you have made in your community and your place of primary assignment (PPA). But first…What is N-Power Impact Series Competition?
N-Power Impact Series Competition is a social media competition by the Federal Government for beneficiaries to share the impact N-Power has had on them as individuals and on their respective communities.
How does N-Power Impact Series operate?
To participate you must be one of the beneficiaries of the job initiative programme by posting a one minute impact video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, andYouTub

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