N-Power Monitoring Team hits Ekiti State

Afolabi Imoukhude leads N-Power Monitoring Team to Ekiti State

N-Power Monitoring Team continue their unscheduled visit to states across the country.

They’ve visited Abuja, and Ondo State earlier where they were hugely welcomes by state executives and excited beneficiaries.

In a latest visit, Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede after leaving Ondo State headed to Ekiti State.

He led other N-Power Team members where he met beneficiaries at their PPAs.

Powerhopes learned that the team held town-hall meetings volunteers and the Executive Governor of Ekiti State.

N-Power volunteers are strongly advised to be at their places of primary assignments.

See a few photos sent from one of the volunteers in fountain of knowledge

 The visit continues across the country.


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