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About NpowerNG Solutions 

NpowerNG Solutions is a blog designed on April 29, 2017 to provide useful tips about  N-power Programme,  Nigeria's government job initiative programme, which is one of the arms of Social Investment Programme (SIP).

NpowerNG Solutions was initially designed to exclusively provide answers to some of the questions and challenges successful volunteers face everyday.

We've been able to subdue their fears and raise their believe and hope in N-power as a result of our easy to follow guide. Some of them can attest to this.

Fortunately, NpowerNG solutions isn't exclusively for only n-power issues again.

Since the programme was designed to engage every volunteer for a period of two-year, we thought of incorporating other empowerment ideas into the news and updates we provide.

Other new areas included are:
1) Latest Jobs
2) Free Online courses
3) Interview Tips from experts and
4) Motivation


This is an area that will bring you latest and genuine job vacancies in Nigeria. Virtually all the Npower beneficiaries are still in need of jobs that can sustain them before and after their current engagement.

They need to plan ahead. They need to begin search for more sustainable jobs, if eventually the little savings they made won't be enough to start business of their own.

Through our search, we'll bring you latest Nigerian jobs that are genuine, not job search that are targeted at driving traffic or views.

How do we intend to achieve this?
We'll continue to sieve through tens of thousands of jobs that come out Nigeria everyday, then bring you the genuine and reliable ones.

We won't just publish job vacancies, we will publish verifiable jobs.


There are thousands of opportunities to study online for free, but lack of adequate information deprives many from this.

Most of these courses are called free online home courses. They're courses you can enrol in while you work. You don't need to be physically present at the campus of the institutions that designed them.

While you're being empowered by the Federal Government, we want you to also empower  yourself by enrolling in some of the free online courses that are related to your discipline.

The good part: you don't need to pay kobo at the end of the courses we bring to you. Unless you want to have a formal certificate for the course of study.

With your device in your hand with internet connectivity, you're good to go. You'll study at your own pace and time!


Interview is one of the major build-ups to landing a new job.
"Interview, which you might think of as a series of questions and answers, depend on a balance between listening and speaking, " Houghton Mifflin English.

Unfortunately, many people still dread interviews,  "Many to the point where they start to suffer symptoms of stress at the very thought, " Heather Salter .

This section will focus on interview top secrets from experts around the world.

Here, youll get to read the difference between being the interviewer and being the person interviewed, how to prepare for a job interview, interview strategies, how to conduct yourself etc.


Motivation lifts ones spirit, encourages one to do more,even when the challenges are enough reason to stop. It propels one to continue, when there are more than enough blocking stones.

This section will bring you hope during and after the npower programme.

NpowerNG Solutions isn't affiliated to the N-power official URL,  the main purpose of this blog is to assist Npower volunteers in various challenges they face everyday, or which they might face.

Federal Government, upon the unveiling of the job initiative in 2016 made it clear that recruitment will be FREE.

As such, NpowerNG Solutions will never ask for money from any volunteer.

You're also advised to report anyone who demand money from you. If you bribe anyone, you do so at your own detriment.

Don't hesitate to ask any question as regard any article published on this blog.

Please read NpowerNG Solutions Privacy Policy to know more how we handle and manage your information.

Our Team

For now, NpowerNG Solutions is one man team managed by Quadri Azeez Opeyemi, a true believer of change.

Before coming up with the idea of NpowerNG Solutions, Quadri is co-owner of another website, infobase, which is a problem-solving site.

With interest in documentary and research, Quadri single-handedly managed the social media platforms of infobase, which he grew with wider user base among Nigerian youths.

The founder of this blog is an optimisit, whose slogan is, "It can be done. "

He tweets @OpeQuadri

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